Guilarte communicates to the members that he assumes the presidency of the CGPJ with exclusive dedication

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The new president of General Council of the Judiciary, the vowel Vincent Guilarte, He will request in the plenary session to be held this afternoon that the minutes be recorded that yesterday he began the procedures to cease the academic and professional activities that he had been developing and that, consequently, he assumes the presidency with exclusive dedication by substitution of the governing body of judges, in accordance with what was stated in the plenary session last week.

Among the documentation sent to the members, to which EL MUNDO has had access, there is the request for the administrative situation of special services to the rector of the University of Valladolid -Guilarte is a professor of Civil Law- as well as the discharge as a practicing lawyer in the Valladolid Bar Association. The counselor has also granted permission to another lawyer to take charge of the lawsuits that he was handling to date.

The new president thus tries to reassure a sector of the members who had demanded that he clarify whether he assumed to be the visible head of the governing body of the judges exclusively. Six members raised last week that for the performance of the presidency of the Council by substitution, in accordance with article 579.2 of the Organic Law of the Judiciary, “exclusive dedication and, where appropriate, the transfer to the administrative situation of special services” is required.

For his part, Vicente Guilarte has appointed a plenary session for this afternoon with the aim of addressing the situation of the CGPJ in the new stage once the general elections have been held and analyzing the composition of the body’s commissions, legal sources report.

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