Guilarte criticizes the legal reform to renew the Council, bypassing the Senate: "It would be necessary to remove the letters from the CGPJ and put the Government of Spain in a judicial section"

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The acting president of General Council of the Judiciary, Vicente Guilarte, This Tuesday, he was very critical of the legal reform that seeks to reduce the parliamentary majority for the election of the judicial members of the body, thus avoiding the Senate, and therefore, the People’s Party to participate in the renewal of the government of the judges.

In an interview in Zero Wave, Guilarte has indicated that if the modification of the Organic Law of the Judiciary (LOPJ) For it to be an absolute majority of Congress – not the three-fifths of the Chambers currently required – that appoints the twelve judicial members “the letters of the CGPJ would have to be removed and the Government of Spain would have a judicial section.”

“That would be a model not of separation of powers but of coordination of powers. It seems absurd to me,” Guilarte added.

The PSOE has conveyed the idea in recent weeks that if there is a coalition government and the People’s Party continues to block the renewal of the CGPJ, legal formulas will be studied to be able to appoint the new members of the governing body of judges without having the training of Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

For its part, since We can They were more explicit and openly proposed last August to modify the LOPJ so that Congress could elect the judicial members of the CGPJ. The former deputy of the formation household, Pablo Echeniquestated that “it is true that the Senate currently elects 10 of the 20 members but Congress can use its majority to modify the LOPJ and have the Senate only elect 4 of the 20.”

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