Guillermo Coppola made a moving reflection on the last days of Diego Maradona

One of the news that had the most impact on the family of Diego Armando Maradona was the verification of the calligraphic experts of San Isidro that the signature of Pelusa found in papers related to the doctor Leopoldo Luque were forged.

Guillermo Coppola He took the floor and referred to this fact and to the last days of the former Gimnasia de La Plata coach’s life.

Guillote spoke about Maradona’s condition on the day he turned 60. “The day of his birthday, that exit to the field … That was not Diego, he was a Diego who was gone “, revealed the former representative of the star.

“If you see that Diego, you say ‘that Diego doesn’t want more’. Impossible that he would go out like that to step on a soccer field. That makes me think that it’s not him anymore. Diego wouldn’t go out onto a field like that! He couldn’t walk. He greeted at one point and grabs hold of the person who accompanies him. A man who broke the nets, who ran that green that he did so happily. It was not Diego “, added.

A week ago, in an interview with Intratables, Guillermo spoke about the signatures that Dr. Leopoldo Luque forged.

“There are three things that made Diego sick or mad. ‘Take care of yourself, champion!’… ‘Take care of yourself and the…’ He would send them a string of bad words. Afterwards? Put their hand on his shoulder. Prince Carlos. Buckingham Palace. ‘Tell this big nose to take the noma off my shoulder,’ he says. ‘This one has me hugged and there are twenty photographers. He’s the brother of the guy who went to the Falklands and they took us down … And the last thing you didn’t like: the signature “, assured.

An incredible anecdote in Napoli about the signing of Maradona

Guillermo Coppola told an unmissable story about a situation experienced by the former coach of the Argentina National Team: “Salumiere de Napoli. I went through them all. One day I go with him. T-shirt framed with Diego’s signature. ‘That signature is not mine,’ he tells the salumieri. Tomorrow I’ll bring you one and I’ll sign it in front of you, but tell me how This signed shirt arrived. He spent two days looking for the person in charge. It had been the Calcio Napoli Sports Society… An employee. Many times people came to sign something and Diego was tired of signing, but nobody dared to do it for him because We knew he was angry. And just as I tell you that, I tell you this another. On the trust train, Diego would sign a blank paper for you, in case you needed anything. But to sign him was a source of anger. He swore that seeing the one that was forged today, I can assure you that it is not his, Hill.


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