GUNKUL draws 4 partners from the United States to support the penetration into the cannabis processed product market : InfoQuest

Mr. Pongsakorn Damnoen Chief Operating Officer Power and Hemp Business Division Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited (GUNKUL) as a partner of THCG Group Co., Ltd. (THCG) revealed that THCG has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) ) with four US companies: Sunderstorm Incorporated (Kanha), a company known for its gummy products, and More Joy Holding, LLC (Mojo), a well-known company known for its retail cannabis products.

While Virtue, a company based in the heart of Las Vegas specializes in premium growers, while Carrot stands out as a trading platform and membership system for modern pharmacies. through the modernization of the website layout Creating mobile applications and storefront display format

“This is a great opportunity for us to have a partner who specializes in nano-innovation to produce products that are of interest to both domestic and international hemp markets. Come together to push and jointly develop products containing hemp-derived ingredients to be more well-known. is economic stimulus stimulate exports At present, 24 states in the United States have legalized recreational marijuana use, with the most recent states being amended. Rhode Island, Missouri and Maryland make patients more accessible to medical use.”Mr. Pongsakorn said

Mr. Thanarat Jitpayap, Managing Director of THCG Group Co., Ltd. (THCG) The leader in the research and development of cannabis, cannabis, kratom and medicinal plants at the national level Especially innovation in planting, extraction and processing revealed that from the results of foreign research. The effectiveness of marijuana has been found to have medical benefits. Due to the cannabinoid component, it can moderately reduce pain. especially patients with neurological symptoms Nervous system tension symptoms chronic illness from cancer inflammatory bowel disease and insomnia

Therefore, the cooperation that occurred this time Therefore, it is considered a good start to jointly push forward the development of products containing ingredients from cannabis extracts for medical benefits. and to increase options for patients Whether it is for oral use, sublingual drops, or external use.

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By InfoQuest News Agency (06 Dec. ’22)

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