Guoan has no burdens after the coaching change. Can someone pay the price for a poor record to kick the spirit?_Game_Sui Dongliang_Player

Original title: Guoan has no burdens after the coaching change. Can someone pay the price for a poor record to kick out the spirit?

It is normal for a team to experience a three-game losing streak to have low morale. If a coaching change can make the team rebound from the bottom, that is the most ideal result. The current national security is facing such a situation. Tonight, Guoan will face the Wuhan Yangtze River team, who beat Guangzhou City by 5 goals in the last round. If they can regroup, it will play a decisive role in the team’s trend this year. At the press conference the day before the game, the team’s interim head coach Sui Dongliang said that through the training of the past few days, he felt that the players were very good, and they had adjusted their mentality. I hope that through these few days of preparation, the players will forget the last game and devote themselves to this competition.

After a three-game losing streak, great changes have taken place in the Guoan team. The coach Xie Feng took the initiative to resign, and Sui Dongliang came to coach the team as the interim head coach. In just a few days, he had a new understanding of the team I also hope to lead the team to clear the haze. When asked how he adjusted the players’ mentality and team’s techniques and tactics these days, Sui Dongliang replied: “It is impossible to change the original techniques and tactics on a large scale within a few days. The players forget about the last game and focus all their attention on preparing for this game.”

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Zhang Yuning, who attended the press conference, also talked about his views: “I think our team is ready for the next game. Here, I would like to thank Xie Feng for guiding the team’s hard work and dedication in the past six months. I I think we will play this game well under the leadership of the new coaching staff. I hope we can show a new spirit in this game and give an explanation to all Guoan fans.”

In the last game, Guoan conceded two goals in succession in the set-piece defense, revealing some problems. In the last round of the match, the foreign forward Forbes also scored two goals through two corner kicks. Will there be special arrangements on the defensive end? In this regard, Sui Dongliang replied: “We mainly rely on the overall defense of the entire team, we believe in the organization of our back line, and the ability of our defenders.”

“Unity” is very important for the current Guoan, because after a short period of consecutive defeats, the low morale is likely to cause mutual complaints, so the most important thing for the new coaching staff to do is to stabilize the morale of the army and let everyone return to on the right track. Judging from the current situation, Guoan’s away game is not easy to play, but at least another fiasco must be avoided. This is also the focus of Sui Dongliang and the coaching staff in the past three days.

Since retiring, Sui Dongliang has been working in the Guoan echelon and is very familiar with many players in the team, so he and the team do not need much time to integrate. Judging from the training situation in the past two days, Sui Dongliang is very strict and meticulous in his requirements for the players, hoping to bring some positive changes to the team. In his own words, while decompressing everyone, we must also increase the confidence of the players. Guoan is still a capable team.

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It is true that Guoan’s two consecutive away games after the restart were bitter, but those who have watched the game should have such a view. In fact, Guoan’s performance has improved compared with the 10 games in the first stage. However, many factors intertwined, so Guoan only scored 1 goal, but swallowed 8 bombs. Is there really such a big gap in strength, or is there a psychological effect at play? I am afraid that the latter occupies a larger factor.

Now that someone has paid the price for the poor record, Guoan has no burden to carry. It is the most realistic choice to prepare well for the match against the Wuhan Yangtze River team, at least to kick out the momentum of Guoan.Text / Our reporter Zhang KunlongReturn to Sohu, see more


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