Gustavo Petro hopes that the street will support his reforms today

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They are manifestations different from the usual ones. Instead of protesting against the Government and demanding changes, Gustavo Petro and his ministers promote them, they are financed by public funds and their objective is to support their legislative reforms and call for respect for life.

“With the people of Colombia we will mobilize for education, decent work, culture, change and, above all, for life with social justice. Come to the square and join us,” wrote the Head of State in his social networks to encourage people to join the “Great mobilization for peace, for life, for social justice.”

There will be no criticism of the Ministry of Defense for the wave of terrorism carried out by the new FARC-EP and the ELN. Instead, they will defend the peace processes with both criminal gangs even though, in the case of the FARC, it has meant that they increase their barbarity to sit more strongly at the negotiating table.

The marches will take place in numerous locations and have already begun. In Bogotá they end up in Plaza Simón Bolívar, the heart of the city, where they will hold a concert with several artists and the president will speak on a platform whose cost has been criticized by the opposition.

Thousands of indigenous people from Cauca and other departments of the country arrived in the capital of the Republic. They attend thanks to the funds they receive to organize demonstrations, which members of the Government consider necessary to encourage community participation in issues that interest them. According to their leaders, they want to make visible the state abandonment and insecurity they suffer due to the policies of past governments.

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