GVB: metro traffic did not stop on Saturday evening

The GVB announced on Sunday morning that there was no disruption in the metro network last night. The transport company did send a tweet just before midnight that talked about a new malfunction.

A spokesperson for the GVB says the tweet was “automatically a repeat” of a tweet from earlier that day. “Not convenient but again the metros ran and do run”. The previous outage was in the morning. Metro traffic had partly started since 2 p.m. and completely since 7 p.m.

The metro network has previously suffered from disruptions. They had to do with the new metro system. This will be “phased into use”, which basically means that it will be practiced on some days until the system is finally deployed.

In this case, it concerns a period of two weeks, the longest period to date. The GVB also emphasizes that this is not about testing, because no unsafe situations could arise.

On previous occasions when the metro network was shut down, it usually took about an hour for all metros to start running again.

Next Saturday morning the metro traffic also became friday morning shut down due to a problem. The final switch to the new metro system is planned for the end of this month. D66 already has requested an urgent debate about the problems.

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