Gwendoline Christie spoiled ending in 2017


SPOILER WARNING. This story discusses the final episode of Game of Thrones – you've been warned.

While seeing Bran Stark crowned king of Westeros may have surprised fans, it wasn’t to shock to game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie.

A 2017 TV interview has resurfaced in which Christie, who plays Brienne of Tarth, correctly predicted Bran would end up ruling.

In a joint Extra TV interview with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister), both actors were asked who they thought would end up winning Game of Thrones.

While Coster-Waldau saw it as a battle between Daenerys Targaryen or the Night King, Christie predicted it would be more than a surprise.

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"Do you think that it's going to be someone out of left field?" Christie asked.

"Those seem like the obvious choice, and what we know about the show is that it constantly surprises you." I know, I wonder if it might be Bran. "

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She argued Bran was a possibility because despite his seemingly minor role "we keep seeing the world from his perspective, we don? T we? We keep seeing the visions. "

But his co-star Coster-Waldau wasn’t convinced, arguing it “doesn’t make sense” to have Bran as king.

“He’s already planning the future, he’s seeing into the future and the past… I don’t know,” he added.

"If this is really right, the Three Eyed Raven (is king), then he also made Jaime push him out the window."

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After this week's final Christie's 2017 interview began circulating on Twitter, causing the actress to tweet this in response:

While Christie might not have been surprised with how game of Thrones ended, Isaac Hempstead-Wright, who played Bran, certainly was.

The actor told Entertainment Weekly he initially thought the show's creators David Benioff and D. B Weiss hadn't been serious about making Bran king.

"I genuinely thought it was a script and that (Benioff and Weiss) sent to everyone to script their own character ends up on the Iron Throne," Hempstead-Wright said.

"" Yeah, good one guys. Oh sh * t, it’s actually real?

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