Gwyneth Paltrow: She leaves her husband a lot of freedom


Gwyneth Paltrow (46, “Iron Man”) and Brad Falchuk (48, “American Horror Story”) have been married since last September, but the actress and scriptwriter and director do not live together. This is what Paltrow has revealed in an interview with the Sunday Times, Falchuk lives with his wife only four days a week, so he spends the rest of his days in his own house.

The acquaintances of the actress apparently consider this arrangement to be quite fantastic. “Oh, all my friends say that our way of life sounds ideal and we should not change it,” says Paltrow. And it also seems to work. In March, she congratulated him with a loving Instagram postin which she wrote, among other things, “It's your birthday, but it feels like you're the gift. (…) I'm so happy you were born, Brad Falchuk, I love you above all else . “


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