Gyeonjadan in the ‘Morning Yard’?… From Cho Hye-ryeon’s meeting to her shocking confession [공식입장]

Martial arts action master gyeonjadan is looking for ‘morning yard’.
On the 19th, KBS announced that Gyeonjadan would appear on ‘Morning Yard’. As the first star to come to Korea in 2023, he played 4 roles per person, including production, directing, appearance, and martial arts in ‘The Eight Kingdoms of Heaven: The Legend of Gyobong’. Gyeonjadan is to appear together with director Wang Jeong, the godfather of Hong Kong’s film industry and general director.

Eyes are focused on what kind of story he will unfold on his first Korean talk show, who has visited Korea for the first time in 13 years. To welcome action stars, Korea’s representative entertainers who are sincere in action joined together. Jo Hye-ryun (comedian), who turned Korea upside down with her Taebo diet and is now training her mind and body with soccer, Yoon Hyung-bin (comedian), a pure fighter who is sincere in mixed martial arts, and Tae-joo Na, a Taekwondo trotman who achieved Korea’s first world No. 1 in Taekwondo Poomsae ( Singer), martial arts action geek, and even Shin Ji-ji (director) are all out.

Starting with Gyeon Ja-dan’s shocking confession that he is serious about action more than anyone else, but wants to quit action several times a day, Gyeon Ja-dan’s unexpected charm as a father and husband, not an actor, and if director Wang Jeong, the godfather of Hong Kong cinema, shoots a movie in Korea, be sure to be together. I even reveal the main character I want to play.

It will be broadcast at 8:25 am on the 23rd.

iMBC Hoyoung Lee | Photo source KBS

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