Gyula Bodrogi’s grandson became a beautiful teenager: he performed with 17-year-old Enikő – Hungarian star

On September 5, 2021, the 11th Iván Szenes Memorial Concert was held for the 11th time, with ten thousand people humming their hits in the square marked by the songwriter’s name. The most famous songs of the generations were performed in a new guise by the renowned stars of the Hungarian art world.

Of the more than 2,000 songs of the legendary songwriter, who died in 2010, the biggest hits were performed, such as Gergely Róbert’s performance of Tell Me, Why Do You Love Anything Else? and the Copper Mortar was performed, the duo of Attila Kökény and Cini Zalatnay performed the song Long Hot Summer, Tibi Kocsis performed Try to Relax !, Everyone Has a Dream and Entertained the Old with the hit. Opitz sang the song I Want to Thank You to Barbi’s mother, and performed with The Summer Dance The Last Dance.

Gyula Bodrogi and his grandson

This year, the Iván Szenes Art Awards went to Attila Kökény, András Csonka and Péter Körmendi. The unique and large-scale concert Gyula Bodrogi and the presidency of Andrea Szenes made it even more fun and memorable. The Kossuth and two-time Jászai Mari Prize-winning actor, who was awarded the title of the Nation’s Actor, also performed, and they sang the song A little sad with my mood with Ági Voith and their granddaughter, Enikő Bodrogi.

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The actor gifted the couple with their son, Ádám Bodrogi, two grandchildren: Bence and Enikő. Last in the summer of 2020, she said on her RTL Club Breakfast show that she wanted to be a singer, and B’s plan was to help her father in the hotel industry. He goes to a singing teacher, he also wrote his own songs.

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Not only was Enikő Bodrogi’s singing voice special, her 17-year-old daughter also became a very pretty teenager. In our pictorial compilation you can also see the 11th Ivenes Szenes memorial concert and the photos taken earlier.


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