Gyurcsány and Márki-Zay represent the same policy

From 15 February, those who have received the third vaccine or those who have received the second vaccine no more than six months ago are considered to have been vaccinated. – announced Gergely Gulyás, Minister in charge of the Prime Minister’s Office.

He emphasized that from that day on, the protection certificate would be converted into a vaccination certificate. He added that the third vaccination could be taken four months after the second vaccine, but would be mandatory six months later to keep the vaccination card valid.

The name of the security card changesPhoto: Sándor Csudai – Origo


  • from 15 February, the protection card will only be valid if someone has their third vaccination
  • the protection card is also valid if someone has received the second vaccination within six months
  • the protection card becomes a vaccination card
  • the card itself does not need to be replaced
  • the third vaccination can be given four months after the second vaccination
  • the third vaccination must be given six months after the second vaccine in order for the vaccination certificate to remain valid

The number of cases will increase

A significant part of the infections are caused by the new, omicron variant, so the number of patients may increase significantly in the coming weeks, said Gergely Gulyás, Minister of the Prime Minister, who provided information on the first government meeting of the year.

The growing number of cases does not lead to a proportionately increasing number of patients in hospitals and deathshe pointed out.

He described the number of cases per day, which rose to over 9,000 and could be even higher in the near future. In France, the number of new infections was 360,000.

We are also doing well in terms of hospital capacity, with a total of 8506 available beds available– drew attention to the fact that 75% of the hospital’s capacity was still available.

There are a total of 9.2 million vaccines in stock. The vaccination campaign will continue in the first two weeks of February, when there is no need to pre-register for vaccinations.

There are enough free hospital beds in the systemSource: MTI / Zsolt Szigetváry

Economic growth never seen before

Gergely Gulyás said that according to the November and December data, last year’s GDP growth could be between 6.5 and 7 percent, which is the highest value since 1990. This value could have been even higher without the global chip shortage.

The Minister reiterated that due to the inflationary spiral due to rising energy prices, the government has already taken several measures to protect Hungarian families from price increases.

The overhead reduction means an average household saving half a million forints a year compared to market prices.

The government will decide in mid-February whether to extend the gasoline ceiling, which has halted the rise in prices.

Gergely Gulyás also called the interest rate stop on foreign currency loans a success, emphasizing that banks should bear the loss.

Food stop

Gergely Gulyás then reiterated Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s announcement on Wednesday:

from 1 February, the prices of six products will be officially fixed, after which they will be sold in shops and stores at the price of 15 October last year.

The food price stop applies to the following products:

  • granulated sugar
  • wheat flour
  • sunflower cooking oil
  • the pork leg
  • chicken breast
  • the buttocks
  • 2.8 percent cow’s milk

He recalled that the government was on the side of tax cuts and that the sales tax on several basic foods had already been reduced to five per cent.

The government also discussed the issue of a child protection referendum and an election. He said the National Electoral Office was responsible for conducting the elections, with the government providing the necessary resources. Arranging the two votes at the same time will save more than seven billion forints.

Government spokeswoman Alexandra of Szentkirály announced that the government will provide the necessary resources to rebuild the sports hall in Szentes, which was burnt down at the end of last year, and will help provide sports facilities in the area during the transition period.

It was decided to provide wage increases to the municipalities of the settlements with less than 5,000 inhabitants.

The prices of several important staple foods will fallPhoto: Bálint Hirling – Origo

Mark-Zay would cancel his 13-month pension

This is the biggest guarantee possible, Goulash said of Origo’s question that in light of the fact that Péter Márki-Zay would immediately repeal the Child Protection Act, might the referendum on April 3 be enough to prevent this? Even in the event of a successful referendum, the European Commission will have a say in child protection issues related to the restoration fund – Gulyás said that this could only be concluded by the parliamentary elections.

The current official ceiling for petrol prices means a saving of 40-45 forints for motoristsGoulash said to another question. That was an arrogant remark – did the minister say to our question that he thinks it is a good solution for people to buy a smaller car in this situation?

The Gyurcsánys have abolished it, while Péter Márki-Zay considers it a bad decision, from which everyone draws the right conclusion, the minister said in connection with the 13-month pension.

This is how many will receive the PIT refund in February

In a European cultural circle, we are not used to saying what the left-wing prime minister said about Judaism.Goulash said on another question.

In this country, the minimum wage has risen radically only under right-wing governments, Goulash said on another question. Under the eight-year rule of the left, it has grown from 50,000 to just 73,000.

As far as the plans are concerned, Ferenc Gyurcsány and Péter Márki-Zay live in symbiosis, since, based on what has been said so far, Péter Márki-Zay is also clearly against the minimum wage.

he pointed out.

One hundred and four hundred and fifty thousand people will receive PIT refunds in February based on the declarations they have just received

he said to another question. The others at the time of the next tax return.

Mark-Zay’s scandalous statements were also the subject of Government InformationFront: AFP / John Thys

Fidesz does not keep any records of its origins or religion about its members in the party said Péter Gulyás about the statements of Péter Márki-Zay. Gergely Karácsony also made a parking lot out of the roads in Budapest, the minister replied about parking in the capital.

The government’s intentions have not changed, so the airport must be state-owned and we want to achieve that, but we are definitely waiting for the election, Gulyás said on another question. The election campaign must be viewed with irony, as must the speeches of the candidate for prime minister on the left. the minister said on another question.

Gyurcsány and Márki-Zay represent the same policy

The statements of Péter Márki-Zay are the same as those of the left. This is a traditional left-wing position. Ferenc Gyurcsány and Péter Márki-Zay represent the same policy, so it is easy for the left to support Márki-Zay

– said the Minister, according to whom the joint prime ministerial candidate of the left-wing coalition is only more direct than other left-wing actors.

Asked about the fourth vaccination, Gergely Gulyás said: After consulting a doctor, anyone can request it, and the regulations on it will be published soon.

Ferenc Gyurcsány and Péter Márki-Zay represent the sameSource: Facebook

Responding to a question about the waiting lists for infertility centers, Gergely Gulyás said: Everyone is entitled to infertility treatment free of charge, it is an immediate expectation that everyone will receive an appointment within a short time. Funding and technical facilities are available, and in October there was only one center where we had to wait a long time – stressed the Minister, who believes that this situation has changed since then, the new system came into force and a separate directorate was appointed in January to deal with the situation.

The left wanted to privatize health care during its rule

In connection with the privatization of healthcare, Gergely Gulyás pointed out:

The left wanted to privatize health care during its reign, and now Péter Márki-Zay also supports this in his statements. The privatization of healthcare is in the interests of many, with more than ten million customers

he added.

Asked whether the capital would receive funds from the government for the Healthy Budapest Program in 2022, the minister stated that the recovery fund would have 280 billion available for health improvements, of which 10 billion could be disbursed to the capital, and the government will to act.

The left pretended not to have heard Mark-Zay’s words, measured by double standards, but the united opposition candidate makes sure to make questionable statements over and over again.

He also highlighted the issue of border fencing: The left is clear about breaking down the border fence. The same goes for the abolition of the minibal wage, he noted.

The left is preparing to privatize health careSource: MTI / János Vajda

The spring session of the Parliament begins on February 21 and ends on March 10.
There will be a head of state election on March 10thGergely Gulyás announced. The candidate for Fidesz is Katalin Novák.

Regarding the fact that the European Council on Foreign Relations is scared that there will be huge riots on the streets of Budapest after the defeat of the current governing parties and news that the CIA may intervene in the elections on the side of the opposition, Gergely Gulyás said:The opposition is projecting its own plans on the right and has no information about the CIA.

Responding to a question, the minister also said that the government continues to contribute to the financing of BKV, but the mayor has been no longer constructive since the beginning, as his attention has turned to national politics and the capital and the country are seeing a detriment.

Then came a number of questions regarding the statements of Attila Sztojka, the government commissioner for Roma affairs, in response to which Gergely Gulyás said: Gypsy society in Hungary is expected to be represented by people with a criminal record, but the government commissioner’s statement was really unfortunate. Regarding the case of Pál Völner, he stated: The presumption of innocence still exists in law.

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