Ha Ji-young, “A pretty older sister who has been taking care of me for 14 years”… Reports following the release of Kim Hye-soo’s story

Ha Ji-young Instagram capture © News 1

Broadcaster Ha Ji-young thanked actress Kim Hye-soo for taking care of her for 14 years.

Ha Ji-young posted on her Instagram on the 14th, “Unnie, this is the first (?) thank you for me on Instagram. During the holidays, I bought beef and zig zag for fear of being alone at home, and even my coat and mother’s coat for fear of being cold in winter. It’s already been 14 years since you sent it to me and sent it to me by shopping for various nutritious foods if I felt a little sick while watching Instagram.”

She continued, “She sent me seasonal foods saying that I like oysters, cutlassfish, and fruits every season. In fact, all of the food that says ‘Thank you unnie, thank you, senior’ without a name in the feed here was all sent by my unnie.”

Ha Ji-young said, “The older sister who always says, ‘Ji-young is my friend!’ For over 14 years, I always see her and I come back feeling that this is how I am loved and respected.” When I came, the fresh kimchi was full! Thank you to my ‘God Hye-soo’ unnie who sent me the fresh kimchi, and thank you again. I love you.”

In addition, a hashtag (keyword indication) was added, saying, “#Senior’s grace #Pretty older sister who has been taking care of me since 2007 #Kim Hye-soo #God Hye-soo”.

Many celebrities expressed sympathy for Ha Ji-young’s post. Ryu Seung-ryong expressed his emotion as “a beautiful person” in a comment, and Park Seul-gi said, “The world is so pretty, but my heart is prettier.

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In addition, Lee Sang-yeop commented, “It’s cool, the friendship between the two of you”, and Kim Song, the wife of the clone Kang Won-rae, also said, “Hye-soo unnie, I came to the hospital alone at dawn when my brother first got into a car accident. Joe, a loyal sister,” and revealed her own ‘Kim Hye-soo story’.

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