Ha Jung-woo suspected of illegal administration of propofol, what are the side effects?

Ha Jung-woo suspected of illegal use of propofol (Photo: TV Chosun News)

Actor Ha Jung-woo is a hot topic after revealing his position on the suspicion of illegal use of propofol.

On the 18th, Ha Jung-woo’s agency said, “There was only sleep anesthesia for the purpose of treatment,” and “There is no drug abuse at all.”

Also, regarding the use of the name of his younger brother Cha Hyeon-woo (Kim Young-hoon) rather than his own, he explained, “It was requested by the director,” and “I thought it for privacy protection and delivered it without any doubt.”

While the cause of Michael Jackson’s death is also known as propofol, attention is also being paid to the side effects of propofol.

Propofol was once rumored to be good for rejuvenation, so it is said that it was sometimes called vitamin injection or forgetfulness milk because patients showed symptoms of short-term memory loss.

In particular, propofol disappears quickly from the body. However, caution is required as it can cause apnea symptoms. Therefore, during propofol anesthesia, the doctor is supposed to carefully observe whether the patient is breathing.

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