HACK: Energy crisis in hockey? The end of some clubs is coming, admits Hadamczik

“Ninety percent of clubs do not get the subsidy because there are certain conditions that they cannot meet,” explains the 70-year-old Hadamczik, who also led the national team in the past. , and they don’t get a penny, even though they also educate the youth…”

The second guest Martin Kézr also comments on the topic. “I don’t want to create big scaremongers, but I think that absolutely all clubs are in trouble,” says the editor-in-chief of the sports section of Práva and Sport.cz.

Will the Russian hockey players go to war? I guess I’d rather disappear. Discussion from PříklepVideo: Sport.cz

What does Alois Hadamczik say about the fact that at the time of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Czech representative Dmitrij Jaškin is the captain of St. Petersburg in the KHL? Did he talk to Czech hockey players working in the KHL or to their agents? What does the audit of the management of the hockey association reveal during the period of the previous president Tomáš Král? And how does the new union boss feel about severance pay?

You will learn this in Příklep, which you can play not only as a video, but also in the form of a podcast.

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