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Haftar flies to Rome: the one-step agreement on the migrants in Libya

General Khalifa Haftar is in Rome. Twenty days after the Palermo Conference on Libya, where the field marshal had a leading role, last night he arrived in the capital for two very confidential visits. Today he will meet David Robinson, an American ambassador in Tunis with a delegation on the Libyan dossier. And tomorrow he should go to Premier Giuseppe Conte, with whom, almost certainly, he will also discuss the issue of migrants. His return to Italy confirms how important it is at this moment the position of our country with respect to the stabilization of Libya, especially while France, another contender in African territory, has to deal with a very difficult internal situation.

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The decision to meet Ambassador Robinson in Rome does not seem to be casual. It follows a continuous activity that diplomacy and the government are implementing. Without considering that just two days ago, some anticipation of what could be the new role of Haftar, was given by the Wall Street Journal. "Under a new populist government, Italy has shown a push to engage with the commander – is the passage of an article dedicated to him – This is a change from the last years in which Rome has favored the rival government of Tripoli, that recognizes ». The newspaper also refers to the statements of an exponent of the Trump administration. "Certainly we would see a role for General Haftar in any future of Libya – are the statements of the source – Haftar could drive the country? «This concerns the Libyan people».

Without going so far, it is still certain that something is really happening. The position of the incumbent president, Fayez al Serraj, becomes weaker every day, and his role may no longer make sense. About two weeks ago, Sebastiano Cardi, Director of Political and Security Affairs for Italy, together with the Head of the Military Political Bureau in the Cabinet of the Defense Minister, Rear Admiral Gianfranco Annunziata, co-chaired the two-day session it took place in Washington, which was attended by representatives of agencies between the United States and Italy. And the commitment to improve security and stabilization efforts in the Mediterranean region was confirmed.

All this while yesterday it was officially announced that there will not be the long-awaited meeting between Serraj and Haftar, which should have been held at the weekend in Amman, Jordan. As explained in "Agenzia Nova" by Talal Abdullah al Mayhoub, chairman of the Committee for Defense and National Security of the Libyan House of Representatives of Tobruk, the summit "did not happen, as Haftar, in Jordan since the beginning of the last week to attend a series of meetings with the local military, he left the capital of the Hashemite kingdom shortly before Serraj's arrival ». The hope of the Libyan observers was that, after the openings during the Italian summit, King Abdullah II – who has been hosting the injured Libyans for a long time – could act as a mediator and reach an agreement between the parties.

The newspaper qatariota published in London "al Arabi al Jadid" also announced the arrival in Amman of Serraj at the head of a large delegation. Although the wait was for the meeting with the commander of Tobruk who, according to the newspaper, had been organized under international pressure in order to reach an agreement on the role of military institutions compared to civilian ones in Libya. The starting point was the sentence attributed to Haftar on the sidelines of the Palermo Conference: "It is not useful to change the horse until you have crossed the river," the strong man from Cyrenaica told the presidential president. Now the situation may have changed.

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