Hajar National Boxing Champion, TNI Soldiers Escorted by Paspampres

VIVA – Indonesian National Army Soldiers (TNI) Pratu Alam Saputra just beat up the national boxing champion, David Koswara at Balai Sarbini, South Jakarta.

In the duel which lasted for two rounds, the Police soldiers Military from the State Protocol Guard Battalion (Yonwalprotneg) Presidential Guard (Paspampres) was able to bring David Koswara to his knees on the floor.

Pratu Alam ended the fight by the boxer from Purwokerto, Central Java, after an upper cut he released very hard landed smoothly on David Koswara’s right rib.

The blow left David helpless and only resigned when the referee started counting and decided he lost with the result of TKO defeat to Pratu Alam Saputra. And automatically David Koswara failed to win the 2021 KTPI National Boxing Championships heavyweight belt.

Well, behind all of Pratu Alam’s success there is a unique and interesting incident at the boxing arena. So it turns out that Pratu Alam and the team have a unique way of entering the battle arena.

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