Hakimi defeats Harith and Mandil in Derby Ruhr – Hasbres


Moroccan midfielder Ashraf Hakimi, a member of the Borussia Dortmund football team, with his compatriots Amine Harith and Hamza Mandil, suffered the eighth season loss in the Bundesliga after a 2-1 win.

Borussia Dortmund continued his impressive performance and Schalke added to his list of victims in the Ruhr derby after scoring a goal by Thomas Delaney in the seventh minute.

Schalke returned to the tie with a penalty from referee Daniel Seibert after Moroccan star Amine Harith was blocked by Daniel Kalliori in 61. Young striker Jadon Shanshu took the three points for "Black of the Festival" scored the second goal during the 74th minute.

Morocco Ashraf Hakimi from Dortmund and Amine Harith from Schalke participated mainly in the strong and exciting match, while Dominique Todesco decided to keep Hamza Mandil on the bench before being able to play 37 minutes.

Swiss coach Lucien Favre returned to serve as left-back Ashraf Hakimi, while his team-mate Bistchik was on the right. The Moroccan star gave the young a good offensive and defensive, and was able to delight the masses present with five quirks, fired a strong blow to the door, recovered three balls rolling, stopped the counterattack, received a yellow card on the 63rd minute and received a score of 7.2 as star The match after ninety minutes.

Amin Harith, for her part, made an excellent offer in midfield, also achieving five successful dribbles, a three-point shot, three fouls, two rebounds and three rebounds.

Schalke Tudysko pushed a handkerchief to 37 for Guido Burgersteller to strengthen the defense and prevent Dortmund's wings from crossing the cross-balls. With the entry of a handkerchief, the game saw three Moroccan players at the top of the Bundesliga tour. After the end of the meeting, Mandil's back got a score of 6.2 points.

After the victory, Dortmund managed to win the fifth consecutive win and the eleventh of the season, against three draws and a record of defeats, climbing to the thirty-sixth point, nine points behind the nearest Bayern, which rose temporarily to the second place, while Schalke's balance At 14th place in 13th place.


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