News Hakimi-Pauwels trial: what to remember from the first day

Hakimi-Pauwels trial: what to remember from the first day

Lformer RTL host Stéphane Pauwels and his ex-partner Vanessa Colassin “gave the green light to put a correction on Frédéric G.”, the victims of the Lasne assault declared on Monday before the Charleroi Criminal Court. Feeling like they were on trial, the victims left the courtroom.

“In the minds of my clients, there is no doubt. Everything was devilishly orchestrated, ”concluded the lawyer. Damages of several thousand euros have been claimed. Frédéric G. no longer dared to sleep at home for a year.

“My clients had the impression this morning that they were on trial,” commented Me Amrani. The two men preferred to leave the courtroom.

“The ordeal experienced by the victims”

Another highlight of this first day, the civil party lawyers recounted the ordeal experienced by the victims during home-jackings which took place in Hainaut and Walloon Brabant, between 2015 and 2017. About twenty people are being prosecuted.


Fernando, Anna and their 15-year-old son at the time of the incident were roused from their sleep on February 23, 2017 at around 3 a.m. by three hooded and heavily armed men who claimed to be police. The guns were pointed at the victims with touching ends, and the father was forced to play Russian roulette with a loaded gun. The trauma is very important for the victims and especially for the adolescent.

Assault with a weapon According to the victim, a vehicle had followed him when he had left the café operated by another son. This vehicle was found charred the night of the incident and it had been the subject of a theft in Havré, the night of February 5 to 6. The names of Farid Hakimi and Marwan Hammouda were cited, who allegedly used this vehicle for an armed assault which took place on the night of February 9 to 10, with the same modus operandi.

Laurent, Martine and Suzanne went through the same hell in Jemappes. Laurent was the owner of the Happy Jack nightclub in Maisières. Upon returning from work, he and his 60-year-old mother, 88-year-old grandmother were violently assaulted in their home.

According to their lawyer, all the elements converge on three authors: Farid Hakimi, Pascal Faedda and Mohamed Benaouane. The two women explained to the court that they were hit and pulled by the hair by three men. “We heard gunshots on the floor where my son was. We wondered what was going on, ”says Martine.

“The house of our dreams has become the house of the nightmare”

Laurent regrets having been hit in the back by customers of his establishment. “I was shot, I had time to flee. The house of our dreams has become the house of the nightmare, ”he said.

Tonino ran an Italian restaurant in Cuesmes and sponsored Farid Hakimi in his boxing matches. On the night of April 18-19, 2017, at around one o’clock, he returned home to Ghlin and saw two men rush over to the car, a Porsche. A third put a pistol to his temple. They demanded the car and the keys to the house, to which he was dragged.

The restaurateur was tied up and gave the restaurant recipe. Lying face down, he was severely beaten by three men identified as Farid Hakima, Pascal Faedda and Lufu Kabongo. His wife and 17-year-old daughter suffered the same fate. Tonino died of a heart attack on March 20. According to his lawyer, he was waiting for judicial truth. The three suspects deny en bloc and plead the inadmissibility of the prosecution because of the indictment of the head of investigation for breach of professional secrecy. “You stole my privacy, turned my house over,” said the daughter of the victims, very moved.

The descent into hell by Stéphane Pauwels

Stéphane Pauwels spoke on this first day of trial, he spoke of his descent into hell, but he denied his participation in a home invasion in Lasne.

The former TV host, dressed in black and blue, sometimes teary-eyed, thus recognizes the use of cocaine between September 2016 and June 2018, before estimating that he did not think that violence would take such a turn in the affair which one reproaches him: “I lived then with Vanessa who complained unceasingly of the harassment which her former companion made him undergo. If I still lived in Mouscron, where I come from, I could have spoken to a local commissioner to sort out the problem. Here in Braine-l’Alleud, I didn’t know anyone. We just had a handrail. So yes, when Ennif told me he could go and make him understand that he had to stop, I just said that he had to stop pissing off. I assume, but I didn’t think it would go that far. “And again assumed fault when two friends made him understand that they knew a brother of Farid Hakimi and that they could ask him to say that the family did not know him:” But I never gave 5,000 euros for that. And to say that the head of the investigation wanted him to charge Farid Hakimi on the pretext that he was blackmailing him.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, the deputy federal prosecutor, Julien Moinil, will present his indictment.



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