Sport Hakkinen Doesn't Imagine a Vettel Retreat

Hakkinen Doesn’t Imagine a Vettel Retreat

After the announcement of the breakdown of negotiations and the departure in late 2020 of Sebastian Vettel from Ferrari, the question arises as to what will happen to the four-time world champion.

For some, if the relationship ended it is simply because the German is considering withdrawing from the Formula 1.

However, Mika Hakkinen He believes that the existence of negotiations and especially the willingness shown by Vettel to continue the adventure in Ferrari are an argument in favor that he is not ready to leave the world of F1.

“Two things stand out clearly in the Ferrari announcement,” begins his column for Unibet. “The first is that the negotiations ended without an agreement and that they decided to separate. The negotiations mean that, for both the team and the driver, the initial intention was to try to reach an agreement.”

“In public, Sebastian has been very open about his hopes for a new deal, so it doesn’t seem like the decision to withdraw; they just couldn’t reach a deal.”

And for the Finnish double world champion, it is clear that the failure of these negotiations is partly due to Charles Leclerc’s long-term commitment last December.

“This brings me to my second point, which is that the negotiation took place in the context of the announcement last December that Charles Leclerc had signed a new contract until the end of 2024, guaranteeing that he will lead for the team during, at least five more seasons. “

It also reads:

“Let’s remember that Charles had a very good campaign in 2019, with seven poles and two victories, including that of the Italian Grand Prix in September, Ferrari’s career at home. He finished fourth in the World Cup in his first year with the team, while Sebastian finished fifth. This meant that Sebastian’s negotiations with Ferrari would never be easy, as the team had already made a long-term commitment to Charles, and Sebastian’s performance had not been as good. “

Now with few opportunities to drive on a winning team, Red Bull said Vettel’s return is not an option and Mercedes has every reason to trust Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton, whose renewal there is no question about. Thus, the future in F1 for the 32-year-old driver is necessarily uncertain.

“Sebastian has a big decision to make about his future. He had no plans to retire, but now he will have to consider the other options available to him in 2021 and 2022, as well as his desire to remain a Formula 1 driver, especially if not can drive for a winning team. Even though he’s only 33 this year, he made his Formula 1 debut at a very young age, 19, and I’m sure when you start out so young, it also becomes more difficult to maintain the high level of energy you need to stay on top of this discipline, “adds Hakkinen.

“Personally, I would like to see him continue because he is still a fast driver and a great Formula 1 ambassador, but only he can make the final decision. He will know deep down what is the right decision. There is now a vacant seat at Renault alongside Esteban. Ocon. Sebastian Vettel could go there, or Fernando Alonso return to the team with which he won two world championships, so there may be some very interesting things to happen. “


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