Hála shone: The best match in the league? Certainly! How is Sigma different from under Látal?

How did you manage to score two goals in 45 minutes and prepare a third one?

If I only knew (laughs). It must have been a bit of a coincidence. But I’m glad that I helped the team and that we came for a clear 4-0 victory.

How did you see your hits?

For the first goal, I knew that my opponent was slipping and that it could bounce off me. Then I was completely alone and had a lot of time. I knew that the goalkeeper would want to stretch as much as possible, so I put it between his legs. David Vaněček did a great job with me for the second goal and I saw Holík running there in a frightened way, so I knew that if I got stuck, he wouldn’t have me. Then it was just about hitting the gate, which worked.

Was it your best match in the league?

From the point of view of two goals and still assistance, or that the goal fell after my shot, it was definitely the best match. I never succeeded. It’s a really good feeling. Jablonec was dangerous in the first half. I’m not saying it was me, but we got into the second half well and then we rolled them over. They had nothing left and it was just a question of how much it would end.

You seemed to enjoy it a lot, you heckled at the audience. Was it absolute comfort?

Viewers came in large numbers, although the forecast promised it would rain. In the end, the weather was beautiful, even pleasant for football. I think then we all enjoyed it – me, the boys and the fans. It was hilarious.

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Weren’t you a little sorry for David Houska in the end?

In the match, one does not perceive it so much. He did something for Sigma, but leaving is just football. It probably wasn’t easy for him today. But we are happy for three points.

How does the role of a joker fit you? You have already managed to help the team in Zlín.

No player who does not play from the beginning should be satisfied. I try not to think about it, to be prepared and to show that next time I can play from the beginning. Today, everything worked out.

You already have 4 goals and one assist, which is your most productive season? Why is it? Experience?

I don’t know if it’s age. It is true that it reflects on me and with age and experience I manage to find the right solution. I hope it lasts. I have to knock it.

Are you glad that you are anchored in one position and you don’t hang out so much with you in the line-up anymore?

The coach most often puts me on the wing and I feel good there. I am able to play in the position of a defender, but from the point of view it is more advantageous to play in one position. One can get used to it more and then just play better. I think you can see it a bit.

What is different from last season, when you, as a team, scored incredibly well, and now you have the norm for three goals scored per match.

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It’s probably not easy to say. The axis of the players is basically the same. Maybe we have a more aggressive concept overall. We want to attack more, get the balls more in front. If it succeeds in the opponent’s half, you are more likely to score a goal than if you wait in a block seventy meters from the opponent’s goal. In this I see the difference that we are active upstairs and there we are dangerous after winning the ball.

After such a series, you probably have a higher self-confidence, don’t you?

The point is, we get into more chances. That we don’t have just one per match. Of course, when you lead two or three zeros and the spectators chase you, the game is played completely differently. We just must not slow down, continue to create and transform chances.

How do you rate the overall entry into the season?

I think it’s pretty good. The only thing that bothered us a bit was that we got a lot of cheap goals. It wasn’t like someone combined and played us. But today we kept the first zero. We must bounce back from that. Keep going and stay up.

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