"Half are teenagers. For 30 years, three children, and they dress in sport", Semak reports on "Zenith" players – Soccer


Zenit's coach, Sergei Semak, talked about his style in clothing and in the club.

– Do you know that you are the most elegant coach of the entire Premier League? Everyone says that Sergei Semak is the best dress. How do you choose costumes, how much do you turn to a mirror?

– Ten minutes withdrawal. I don't turn in front of a mirror, I practically don't have it.

– Don't you have a mirror?

– The phone can, if that.

– And the players? Who is the best in Zenit, who is the worst?

– Is that someone I'm going to remove from the team now (laughs)? Now I call a couple of names.

"Or didn't you see them in your pants?" They all ran in shorts on the field.

– Half are teenagers. For 30 years, for three children, they dress in sport.

Besides, I want us to go to games in something more … At least in the pants.

Because we have a technical staff – someone for 50 years. Representing, in 50 years in a sports suit? You have to change something. We introduce the know-how to be elegant, "said Semak in the" Evening Urgant "program on Channel One.

Semak every spring game dressed in a new way


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