Half of Paraguayans die before age 70, according to Health Surveillance – Nationals

The Health Surveillance Directorate issued a report stating that half of Paraguayans die before the age of 70, according to data analyzed up to 2017. Cancer, diseases of the circulatory system, diabetes, cerebrovascular and respiratory diseases chronic, among the main causes of “premature deaths”.

A report published by the Health Surveillance makes reference to the causes of death of Paraguayans. These data were obtained from reports that contain data up to the year 2017.

As they explain, 44% of these deaths affect people between 30 and 70 years of age and are due to non-communicable diseases. “In the country, life expectancy at birth is around 74 years. Currently, this life expectancy is being affected by various diseases, especially in people under 70 years of age, reducing the years of life and health ”, reads the report.

In 2017, 29,021 deaths were registered in our country according to data from the Vital Statistics Information System of the Ministry of Public Health. Of these deaths, 51% were of those under 70 years of age and 49% of adults over 70 years of age. They highlight that 44.3% are associated with chronic non-communicable diseases and 18.1% due to external causes.

Always based on deaths in 2017, among the main causes of death from non-communicable diseases are cancer (2,717), diseases of the circulatory system (1998), accidents (1,743), diabetes mellitus (996), cardiovascular diseases (845) , respiratory diseases (784), perinatal diseases (752), congenital malformations (557); homicides (497) and kidney disease (354).

“The highest mortality rate from non-communicable diseases is found in the 30 to 70 year age group, in which cancer leads, followed by diseases of the circulatory system, diabetes, cerebrovascular diseases and in fifth place locates chronic respiratory diseases, “says the report.

This year, according to reports on the situation of the coronavirus in the country, this disease has positioned itself as the fourth cause of death for people between 30 and 70 years old, displacing cardiovascular diseases.

Regarding cancer deaths, the most frequent in women are: breast cancer, cervical cancer, colon and rectal cancer, trachea, bronchial and lung cancer, and stomach cancer.

In men, deaths linked to cancer of the trachea, bronchi and lung take the lead, followed by prostate cancer; It is followed by cancer of the stomach, colon and rectum, and cancer of the esophagus.

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