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2023/03/20 18:28 Zhang Youning, responsible editor of Dongsen News

There was an accident in the United States recently. A female weather anchor started to roll her eyes during the broadcast. The next second, she fainted on the anchor platform, and then fell to the ground. , and the anchor himself responded.

▼The female anchor was halfway through the broadcast, and suddenly rolled her eyes and fainted on the spot.

According to foreign media reports, Alissa Carlson Schwartz, the weather anchor of CBS (CBS) in Los Angeles, was broadcasting the morning news and weather at 7 am on the 18th when her face suddenly turned pale and her body leaned forward. , and then hanged his eyes, the whole person was unstable and fell forward, and finally fell directly off the chair. The anchor Rachel Kim (Rachel Kim) was so scared that she immediately exclaimed “No! Oh!”, another anchor Madina ( Nichelle Medina said calmly, “We need advanced advertising now.”

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Although the scene quickly entered the advertising section, but because of the live broadcast of the TV, the entire scene has already been broadcast, which frightened the audience in front of the TV.

Alyssa also regained consciousness after being rushed to the hospital. I responded to the incident on the social networking site at 2:30 pm on the 18th. She reported to the audience that she was safe, “Thank you for all the text messages, calls and blessings. I will be fine! “Netizens saw Alisa’s post and poured into the comment area, “I’m glad to hear that you are okay”, “Thank the Lord”, “Get well soon”, “Warm blessings from Maine, I hope Alisa All is well”, “Send prayers and well wishes”, “Hold on”.

▼The female anchor has sent a message to report her safety. (Picture / flip from Alissa Schwartz Facebook)

Alyssa did not explain the cause of the fainting, but similar things happened to her as early as in the past. It is understood that Alyssa worked as a weather anchor on another TV station in 2014. She accidentally vomited during the broadcast and was subsequently arrested. A leaky heart valve problem was diagnosed, and this coma is not sure whether it is related to the old problem.

(Cover photo/reposted from Alissa Schwartz Facebook)

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