Halloween nods to the original and is a true horror fun but is dated against modern gore-fests

OK – so we ignore only the eight (8!) Sequels generated by the original horror of the genre of 1978.
This (restart? Reset? Restart?) Bumped up to date version, at least on paper, looks extremely promising.
AP: Associated Press This updated version of Halloween is impressive and does not overlap with gore porn movies like The PurgeWritten of Comedy God Danny McBride, produced by the current horror actor Blumhouse (Exit, etc.), Jamie Lee-Curtis back as Laurie Scott – even the original soundtrack was renewed by John Carpenter himself.
So … Laurie Stroud is now a grandmother and lives ostracized by her family mainly because of her paralyzing PTSD after running away from the clutches of Michael Myers 40 years earlier.
Myers is now locked up in Smiths Grove – the "rehabilitation facility" (note: this is not exactly a shining beacon for people suffering from any form of mental illness – I'm pretty sure it's next to the one in Silence of the Lambs) escaped from before and has not uttered a single word from his re-capture.
As a nod to our current obsession with entering these people's brains, a couple of irritating British podcast presenters (um, my talk movie podcast is available in all the usual places) try to communicate with Myers the day before is due to be transferred (on Halloween night, a few kilometers from his nemesis). Surprisingly, there is an event that leads to his escape – and it does not seem too good for the podcasters.
Universal Pictures In this version Michael Myers has been locked up at Smith's Grove and has not uttered a word since he came back on stage. As Halloween goes down, we've got trick-or-treaters, baby-sitters, high school parties, full shootouts – and Laurie is doing her best to make sure her family is safe in the confines of her house / bunker .
What follows is basically a generic horror / slasher storyline, supercharged above average by an elegant performance by a marvelously grizzled and gray Jamie Lee-Curtis.
It really adds some much needed gravitas; his scam "Sarah Connor in T2, but scared" is well done and surprisingly realistic (if I had gone through what he has, you will probably also learn how to be an ace of the crossbow).
There are also some decent comments on the original, but I fear those that are not, we will simply see them as an unnecessary dead end. I am even less convinced by the constant "need" of Hollywood to understand or get involved with murderers. Does it really happen in real life, apart from the crazy one that wants to marry Charles Bronson?
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Halloween not only has to bear the weight of its heritage, but must also deal with modern horror movies (and with all the improvements and harmful that this entails), but also with modern life.
In real terms, Myers is just a guy who killed a handful of people 40 years ago. Compared to modern terrorism and scholastic shootouts documented elsewhere on this page, as well as goreo porn and the sheer number of things like The Purge or even Game of Thrones – this may feel like being tamed. Instead he focuses wisely on the "relationship" between Michael and Laurie.
This does not mean that there are no big and disgusting moments (SFX and prosthetics have come a long way) including a silly human jack-o-lantern, and some exchanges (a baby-sitter and his charge) are really hilarious but there is not enough. It is a testimony to his legacy, however, that this is still the funniest I've ever had in a horror film for a while.
Halloween 106mins (18)
★★★ ☆☆

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