Ham So-won Even if you have an affair with a married man, it’s too much.

Broadcaster Ham So-won. /Ten Asia DB

Broadcaster Ham So-won expressed his feelings over the infidelity rumor.

On the 29th, Ham So-won posted a photo along with an article on his social media account. He said, “I was thinking seriously when I heard that you shouldn’t even Instagram today, but what is this?”

The released photo contains a video of the content related to Ham So-won. This is a scene from YouTube, and the phrase “Ham So-won, an affair with a married man? He said he would reveal all of them” is written. So-won Ham said, “I do this too much even if I can do this. Thank you for letting me know, and thank you for your concern.”

/Photo = Ham Sowon Instagram
/Photo = Ham Sowon Instagram

Recently, Ham So-won got off at TV Chosun’A Wife’s Taste, which is nowhere in the world’ due to suspicion of manipulation. He received suspicion that the villa of his mother-in-law in China, which was introduced on the broadcast, was not a real villa but an Airbnb accommodation. In addition, suspicion was raised that the mother-in-law Mama and the youngest aunt were talking on the phone after the feud with her husband, Evolution.

In the midst of this, Ham So-won has not made any clarifications regarding the various suspicions surrounding him. He only posted a short message saying, “Thank you for a lot of love. I will learn a lot of what I lacked and come back”.

Meanwhile, Ham So-won married Jin Jin, a Chinese under the age of 18 in April 2018, and has a daughter, Hye-jung. The following is the full text of Sowon Ham’s Instagram.I was thinking seriously when I heard that you shouldn’t be Instagraming today, but I’m seriously thinking about what this is.

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