Hamada Hilal reveals the secrets of “Al-Maddah” with the world of jinn and demons

Since the beginning of the month of Ramadan, and one of the first episodes of his series, he has managed to lead the trend most days, and the tweeters considered that the series achieved great successes after its exciting scenes that made its hero top “Twitter”, especially after the events of the last episode that caught the attention of followers in the poles The entire Arab world, in light of the Ramadan drama race. It is the artist Hamada Hilal, who presented this year the second part of the series “Al-Maddah” under the name “The Legend of the Valley”, and confirmed in his dialogue with “Al-Arabiya.net” that during filming they were exposed to horrific things, and that the events of the work itself are frightening and he thought of presenting it 6 years ago He also wishes to present many parts to him.

Hamada Hilal

*”Al-Maddah” achieved extraordinary reactions, how did you find that?

** I did not imagine that the reactions would reach this degree of following the audience and their emotions with each episode and their expectations for what would happen next, and so far they are more than wonderful, and everyone was eager to follow the episodes. The success of this part far exceeded what the first part achieved, as I was afraid that it would fall into the trap of comparison with its predecessor, and that the audience would see that the second part was not at the level and artistry of the first part of the work, but thank God this did not happen, and there were comic reactions to the maximum A degree, closely related to the idea of ​​the series and the character of “Saber”, so that I became nicknamed Sheikh Saber, and many of those I meet always ask me to promote them or treat them from touch, “as a matter of humor” and this is something that makes me very happy.

* In your opinion, what is the reason for the public’s attraction to work in this way?

** Because the nature of the story of the series is very thorny and approaches unconventional and unprecedented areas, which requires all the work team to deal with caution and accuracy with every word and every scene, which is what the viewer touched during the events, and the character of the praise was not easy to embody and impersonate it, There are also real personalities like the maddah character who can see things that no one else can see, I know a number of them.

*Why did you choose Al-Maddah 2 to participate in the Ramadan race?

** The truth is the work team is the reason. All the family of the series was excited about the idea of ​​presenting a second part of the work, because of their great admiration and conviction in the work, especially after the great success it achieved during its first part last year, and the state of public approval that it received. It was necessary to take advantage of it by presenting the second part, especially in light of the presence of a large amount and area of ​​events that could have been addressed during this part without elaboration or lengthening.

* Have you used experts or specialists in this field to help you?

** There was no time to consult specialists or experts in magic, so I read dozens of books, to get to the most accurate details of the role. The second part was in contrast to the first part, in which I did not need to read or consult specialists in jinn science, but with the series deepening in this The World in Part Two I had to go deeper into the subject, too.

I don't know the series

I don’t know the series

Did you encounter any difficulties while filming?

**First, the filming took place in remote and difficult areas. There were many scenes in the Marsa Alam area, in the Red Sea, and the Valley of the Mountains, and those areas are rugged and difficult; In it, we were exposed to problems and dangers due to reptiles and the living creatures that live in them. We also met with some scary situations that we were exposed to.

One night I was resting in my room in a hotel in Marsa Alam city and after finishing filming some scenes, and I felt opening and closing the door more than once as if someone would enter the room, and at this time I resorted to the Holy Quran and played the image of the cow on the phone loudly, and in the morning I heard some of the series’ crew members tell the same story.

* You announced that “Al-Maddah” was not the first reason to focus on the world of jinn and orcs, and that it started when you were 8 years old?

** Indeed, at the age of eight, I was playing with my friends in front of an abandoned factory, and my friend told me that he sees workers through the factory window, so I began to focus well on that balcony, and I actually saw workers working and moving back and forth, although it is known that that factory is deserted Many years ago, I decided to stay away from the place completely, and my father supported me.

Behind the scenes of the series

Behind the scenes of the series

* It is hesitant to present a third part of “Al-Maddah”?

** Things are still in the unseen and nothing has been agreed upon so far, although the story bears presenting more than one part, and the vision is supposed to become clear during the coming period, for example, when I was asking after the end of the first part about the possibility of presenting a second part of the series, I would say “When I find suitable paper, I will announce at that time that a second part will be filmed,” but so far the picture has not been clear, perhaps after several months we will decide on that.

Hamada Hilal

Hamada Hilal

* He has been absent from the cinema for 5 years, specifically with the movie “Hamza’s Bag”. What is the reason?

** I am waiting for a good work, and I will not accept a job in order to satisfy the producers only, who are on my head, but I am looking for a good and integrated cinematic work that will impress my admiration and befit the audience, and I am thinking of preparing for the second part of “Helm Al-Omar”; Which I presented for the first time 13 years ago, but the work requires hard work and new, different and exciting ideas that make the audience accept the work.

Are there new projects?

** I am supposed to present a new dramatic work, consisting of 10 episodes, on one of the electronic platforms, and it is scheduled to be presented during the coming period.

I am also currently preparing for a number of singles, which are scheduled to be released during the summer season of this year, and I hope that they will be admired by the audience and have a share of success.

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