31 August 2020 21:42

The announcement, which was confirmed by the counterpart, comes after weeks of tensions between the Palestinian organization and the Israeli army

The Jerusalem Post reports, explaining that the Qatari envoy has been commuting for days between the Jewish state and the Strip to avoid a total military confrontation. The announcement, which was also confirmed by the Israeli government, comes after two weeks of tensions between Israel and Hamas, during which hundreds of fireballs were thrown across the border and entire neighborhoods of Gaza bombed.

“An agreement has been reached to contain the escalation and stop the Zionist aggression on our people,” reads the announcement published by the office of Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar. According to Hamas, the new agreement includes “a series of projects that cherish our people in the Gaza Strip and will help them deal with the coronavirus epidemic.” Hamas’s announcement makes no reference to Egypt’s mediation efforts with Israel, the Jerusalem Post points out.


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