Hamas publishes a video of an Israeli hostage for the first time: "Please get me out of here as quickly as possible"

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The Islamist group Hamas released today the video of an Israeli hostage captured in Gaza who is still alive and is between 200 and 250 captives in the Strip, while the armed conflict between Israel and the Palestinian militias of the enclave.

“They have been taking care of me, providing me with medication. I only ask that you take me back home as soon as possible to my family, my parents, my brothers. Please get me out of here as quickly as possible,” said the hostage, who added that she had 21 years old and from the Israeli town of Shohamin a video where she is also lying on a bed with an injured arm, while a health worker rolls a bandage around her.

The young woman identifies herself as Maya Shamwas kidnapped “early Saturday morning” as she was leaving the party near Gaza where at least 260 people were massacred and others captured during the Hamas land, sea and air attack that caught Israel by surprise.

She added that Sham “seriously injured her hand” at that time, after which she was taken to Gaza, where she says she was treated for three hours for her injury.

In response to the broadcast of the video, the Israeli military spokesman said he had informed the young woman’s family a week ago that she was kidnapped.

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