Hamilton takes pole in Brazil


For the 82nd time in his professional career, Hamilton will put his car on pole in the Formula One race, winning Interlagos best time during qualifying.

The Mercedes driver scored the best time of one minute and 7.281 seconds, advancing 0.093 seconds on the Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel, who will be investigated to break the balance of the cars during the second part of the qualifying tests.

Valery Potas finished third in third place with a difference of 0.160 seconds while Kimi Raikkonen was fourth.

The Red Bull duo was not able to be in a better position than the fifth with Max Verstauben, who had collaborated with Daniel Ricardo.

Marcus Eriksson finished seventh with Charles Löckler and Román Grosjean. Pierre Gassley has concluded the top ten.

Section I

The drivers entered the ring with Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton who reported that the rain was coming in the ring, something that had already happened with some showers in the final stages of the section.

But this did not affect the times of the pilots, where some of them were able to progress, unlike Carlos Sainz, the son who was the first outsider in the position of 16, a difference of 0.005 seconds from the qualifications to the second section , the center of 15 Esteban Okon.

He was joined by Brendon Hartley, who finished 17th in front of Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll.

Stauffel Vandorn was relegated to 20th place.

Section II

At the beginning of this section, the Haas team told its driver Magnusen "More rain coming", where all the riders were at that stage with Super Soft tires.

Haas told his driver Grosjean that the rain would fall in about 4 minutes. But dramatically, the duo Ferrari Vettel and Raikkonen entered the maintenance area to change tires to a new series of suvets.

While Potas was leading, Vettel rose to second place for 0.049 seconds.

Hamilton was on the verge of clashing with Williams' driver Sergey Serotkin because the latter was on a fast spin while the British abruptly changed the direction of his car.

Five minutes before the end of the section, it was raining heavily as the Mercedes moved onto Soft tires.

In contrast to expectations, while Sauber's team asked Leclerc to cancel his advantage, the latter managed to move on to the third section, finishing eighth. Gassley also qualified for 10th place and was a Magnusen defender from 11th place.

Sergio Perez finished 12th, ahead of Okon, Halkenberg and Serotkin.

The starting grid


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