Hammer Hložek? When the chances start to change from at least fifty percent, we won’t keep it, Vrba knows

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

He took on the ungrateful role of a mallet. Adam Hložek could score five goals in the quarterfinals. He did not change a single chance, Ladislav Krejčí Jr. replaced him again with two goals. Now he could easily stab a Brno compatriot.

“There will be no stabbing. Adam is great. You see, he gets a chance in every match. This time he was unlucky, but I’m not afraid at all that the opportunities will come again in the next matches and he will be more experienced, “assures Krejčí, who, on the other hand, scored five goals in two matches after the national team break.

An experienced coach will not even remember the last time a player under his leadership walled up three chances in such a short time after the initial whistle.

“I don’t know if I’ve experienced it. I’ve been training for a long time, so I would have to remember. Maybe in other age categories, maybe there, “laughs Pavel Vrba.

But how will Hložka evaluate it? He was very dangerous, but he didn’t score a single goal …

Will he recommend Krejčí? Jarda has a feeling for the player, I won’t advise him, Vrba smirks

“I’ll praise him in the first phase, then I’ll praise him … I’ll definitely praise him for getting a chance. He went back and forth. He supports the whole team. It’s about the whole team. The team creates situations for him to get into. He is his age, he needs to gain experience on the field. To gain confidence in the ending. It’s great that he’s getting a chance. When he starts to change everything, or at least fifty percent, I think we won’t keep him here, “Vrba fears.

Just one jerk match

Although he did not confirm the reputation of the goal killer on Wednesday, everyone at Letná is well aware of what they have in Hložek. Moreover, when he still catches up with a big game shortage after the October fatigue fracture.

“I think it’s just one jerk match where it all comes together. The main thing is that he got into situations and basically solved them all well, except for the end. But it’s really just a question of one match, that he didn’t change the first chance and then he thought about it a lot, “adds captain Bořek Dočkal to the coach in an interview for club television.

According to him, Hložek’s first failure will be reflected in his next chances. “But as I say, he handled everything right, except he didn’t hit the gate. I’m sorry for him because he worked well, but I don’t think it will affect him in any way. The next match may be completely different, “believes Dočkal before Sunday’s derby in Slavia.

To err is human …

As for the young, the only goal collected is again debited to the stopper Vitík, who offered a casual small home a lead to the opponent.

Sparta Prague coach Pavel Vrba during the match with Teplice.

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

“Young players don’t take it like we do. They make a mistake and in five minutes they don’t even know about it. At his age, it would be absolute nonsense if we had to solve the mistake somehow and sit on it. In my opinion, he mainly has to learn from this. He made a mistake and I don’t think it will happen again. That’s great news. Especially when 4: 1 is won, “emphasizes Vrba.

Vitík could then also register among the shooters. After Dočkal’s center, he hit the crossbar with his head and Krejčí Jr. turned the score to 2: 1.

“Viťas played a great match, one mistake can happen to anyone. This is how I think he perceives it, and the team tried to influence him in this way. His last two performances were otherwise very good, he helped us in the passing, he played the balls up. I was excited about how Viťas played the last two matches. One mistake just happens, “agrees Dočkal.


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