Hamza Elbaf found alive in prison in Syria


In Sydney man who fled the country to join Islamic State is presumed to have been found in a prison in Syria.

Hamza Elbaf, one of the four brothers who went to Syria in late 2014 to join the terror group, was conquered the IS caliphate in Iraq and Syria.

But the ABC has revealed the 27-year-old surrendered in the group's last holdout, the village of Baghouz, in March, and is now a prisoner of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces.

He told Kurdish media agency that he could not go back to Australia, and his parents were devastated by his departure.

"After three months I got hold of a mobile phone and talked to my parents," he said. "They asked me," Why did you do this? "They were very upset. They told me to come home.

"At this time the new immigrants were being watched, so to leave after a short time, we would have been suspected of being spies."

He denied fighting for the group, claiming he was "not qualified" and was able to work as a cook instead.

He also denied seeing any mass killings, saying he only saw people being caned for "things like adultery and drinking alcohol".

Mr Elbaf said he had heard that members were buying and selling women as sex slaves and servants but denied involvement.

"Only high-ranking people and princes in the Islamic State had access," he said.


In November 2014, Mr Elbaf and his brothers Omar, Taha and Bilal, aged between 17 and 28, told their parents they had won all-paid-to-trip to Thailand.

Just days before the boys left Australia, Omar paid $ 13,000 for a honeymoon and put deposits on furniture for a new home he was planning to share with his then-partner.

But they did not know how to say they had arrived in Syria.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the boys' distraught parents Bassima and Issam believed their children had been duped into traveling to Syria and did not believe the text message was sent by them.

"My sons, you are dear to us. You are good at heart. You have done nothing wrong. Come back. We love you, "" Bassima said in a statement.

Issam has since died of cancer.

The boys flew from Thailand to Turkey and made their way to Syria.

All of the 80-odd Australians killed in Syria.



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