Han So-hee and Lee Sun-bin look alike… Dol Singles 3 with the appearance of an all-time greatest visual woman

‘Dol Singles 3’./Photo courtesy of MBN, ENA

4MCs Lee Hye-young, Yoo Se-yoon, Lee Ji-hye, and Jung Gyeo-woon of ENA and MBN’s variety show ‘Dol Singles 3’ burst into laughter at the successive appearances of ‘celebrity resemblance’.

In ‘Dol Singles 3’, which will be aired for the first time on the 26th (today), the scene where eight single men and women who have appeared in the series after overcoming the greatest competition ever meet will be revealed for the first time. The performers who appeared at the meeting place in order and greeted each other moved to ‘Dolsing Village’, the official campsite of ‘Dol Singles’, and started ‘Ice Breaking’ in earnest, spending the first night hot from the start.

In relation to this, 8 male and female dolsins exploded intimacy by exposing their similarities while having a search battle at a drinking party on the first night. First of all, a single man who led the atmosphere was criticized as “a face mixed with Min-ho Song and Heung-min Son”, and 4MC, who watched this on the screen, sympathized by saying, “(face) is there!”. Another single woman was commented, “I resemble Lee Sun-bin and Han So-hee,” and the atmosphere is heated.

In addition, various celebrities who look alike such as Lee Jung-hyun and Chae Jung-an appear one after another, and the scene becomes a sea of ​​laughter. One performer rejoices, saying, “Dolsings gather together and no one is talking about divorce.” Expectations are high for the first dinner party of eight single men and women who quickly became close, saying, “(The relationship) has progressed completely without knowing each other’s age.”

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The production team said, “From the first meeting, all 4MCs couldn’t take their eyes off the video, saying, ‘It’s a great atmosphere!’ You can look forward to the first stories of those who announced the beginning of a full-fledged romance war, such as the person who won the first place in the ‘First Impression Voting’ predicted by 4MC, as well as the summary explanation of the ‘Love Story’ by Lee Ji-hye, who also worked as a ‘one-hit instructor’ this season.” said.

‘Doll Singles 3: The Second Honeymoon’ will premiere on the 26th at 10 PM.

By Tae Yuna, staff reporter for Tenasia [email protected]

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