Hana Zagorová and Štefan Margita: They are both fighting the covid

“Hanka returned after two concerts, where two days later her fever rose to almost forty. Of course, tests showed that she was infected with covid, and due to those fevers that did not decrease even after a week, Hanka had to be hospitalized, “he described for Showtime on Prime Margita.

Stefan Margita a Hana Zagorová: They revealed the details of their gifts and congratulations!

The singer has been struggling with blood diseases for almost her whole life, which is why her husband is of course afraid of her. Fortunately, her condition is said to be better. “I believe he will be home soon, that he will be home next week. I talked to her recently and the situation has improved, “he said. “I wish you all wished her a happy birthday on Sunday and looked forward to her on stage,” he said, adding that he was canceling concerts because she was in quarantine.

Zagorová and Margita at Pilar’s funeral:


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