Hana Zagorová celebrates her birthday: Margita sends a touching message to the hospital!

Hana Zagorová certainly imagined her birthday differently, but due to the coronavirus infection, she is experiencing it in the hospital. Her husband Štefan Margita sent her a touching message there, which can be seen on social networks.

On this year’s 74th birthday, which he is celebrating today, Hana Zagorová he just won’t forget. She became ill with covid-19 and even ended up in hospital due to complications. But the wish from the nearest man certainly came to her.

Stefan Margita, at that time in domestic isolation, published it on the social network. “My darling, happy birthday to you. I know they are sad this year. The gift we received is not ideal. Coronavirus is not a gift, it is a punishment, “he started after the opening song of Happy Birthday.

“Even so, I wish you to be healthy, to return from the hospital soon, because it is very sad in that apartment here without you. So the moment you enter the apartment back, we will open the champagne and I hope to celebrate your birthday beautifully, “said the opera singer.

In the end, Margita moved the fans with the following words. “I’m really looking forward to you and don’t forget one important thing. That I love you, “he added.

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