Hana Zagorová: The real reason for canceling the concerts has been revealed!

Coronavirus has made Hana Zagor a good line over budget. At first, she contracted it, recovered relatively, but at the most inopportune time, when the musicians could perform again, he began to complicate her life again.

Hana Zagorová recently announced to fans that she must cancel all concerts for health reasons until the end of October. He is still struggling with the consequences of last year’s coronavirus infection.

The legendary singer gave the recommendation of doctors in this matter, but they cannot ban her from the directive. According to the web zeny.iprima.cz, however, the Zagors mentioned that it could collapse on stage, which served as a sufficient warning.

However, Zagorová does not admit that this should be the definitive end of her rich singing career. On the contrary, he is already planning a traditional concert in Lucerne for December.

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