Hancko back to Italy? Now the finals are here, he emphasizes, Horňák joins him

Captain Bořek Dočkal has already announced the end of his playing career after the season. Adam Hložek’s young talent is headed abroad. Their departures note the atmosphere in the cabin, as well as the strengthening Sunday win in the Slavia derby.

“I perceive not only Dočki’s end and Hložan’s possible departure. I would like to win the finals, for example, for Pany (Filip Panák, who is on his knee after the next operation). A lot of people thought he wouldn’t play football anymore, but he managed to come back. And now he could win the cup in a season in which he played a lot of matches, “says stopper Dávid Hancko that there are more than enough good reasons to succeed.

Fans are afraid that the Slovak national team will also join the departures. Sparta bought him from Fiorentina after two years of hosting, but now he could return to Italy. Hancka allegedly chose FC Turin as a reinforcement.

“Transfer is not a topic for me now. I have said several times that more things would have to happen to make sense. Both in terms of playing and with regard to the family, “assures the defender, whose wife Kristýna Plíšková is waiting for the first child’s birth every day.

“I don’t think it’s hot that I need to leave. But I’m still young, the back of my head is that if I continued to perform like this season and were healthy, I could do something else in some prestigious European league. However, there will be time for such considerations after the season. Now I’m not dealing with it before the finals, “adds 24-year-old Hancko.

Křetínský has to make one of two possible decisions, says Csaplár in the program PŘÍMÁK.Video: Sport.cz

The forged Spartan Michal Horňák, who commutes the season as the first team coach after the recall of Pavel Vrba, certainly has a great personal motivation. On Sunday, he led Sparta to his first league win in Slavia since the 2014 championship year.

“I saw another Sparta under the Horn. They should think about him at Letná, “football expert Jan Rajnoch responded in his glossary on Sport.cz.

He is not alone in asking why Sparta should look where, if Horňák could win the cup as well.

Sparta will fight for the cup under the leadership of Michal Horňák. Is it a good choice? We solve in the program Přímák …Video: Sport.cz

“I’ve only been here a week, last Monday I found out that I would replace Pavel Vrba. I devote all my energy to the game and the team, we have to do everything to master the finals. I have no thoughts to think further … Everything will start to be solved after the finals, “says Michal Horňák.

However, Sparta needs to select reinforcements for next season. According to behind-the-scenes information, Jan Mejdr (defender of Hradec Králové), Jaroslav Zelený (defender of Jablonec), Kryštof Daněk (midfielder of Olomouc) and Michal Ševčík (midfielder of Brno) looked for four.

“I did not have time for consultations for reinforcements, until the evening we deal with everything related to the team’s game. I have no personal ambitions. The last match of the season awaits us, no matter who against whom, we mainly want to manage it, “Horňák emphasizes.

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