Handball. Les Bleues continue their way to the last square


The second floor of the blue rocket is engaged. Victorious Montenegro (25-20), Tuesday night in Nancy, the team of France ends the first round of Euro 2018 on a second success that propels it to the main tour organized in Nantes. On the program of this second group stage, three matches in Hall XXL (8500 seats) against Denmark, Thursday, then Sweden, Saturday, and Serbia, next Wednesday. So many victories, with the support of the public, would qualify the Blue for the last square in Paris (Bercy) from 14 to 16 December.

The battle won over Montenegro did a lot of good for the mind. After the inaugural defeat against Russia, the world champions confirmed that they had found their game again with this second positive result following that against Slovenia (30-21). “We are serene. This is not pretension, it is that we are sure of our strengths. We have our destiny in hand. Now, there is more than … “, says the back Alexandra Lacrabère.

With a goalkeeper (Amandine Leynaud) in full confidence, author of a series of saves, and a solid defense, her trademark, the France team showed that she had a good foundation to look further into the tournament. As for Slovenia, the counterattacks were very effective against Montenegro in the first half and helped to widen the gap. But in attacks placed and in the finish, the Blues always show some excitement at times. For 12 minutes, Olivier Krumbholz's players did not score a single goal, leaving their opponents to go three lengths as the last ten minutes approached. “We made two first fantastic periods against the Slovenes and the Montenegrins, but not so well for the second half,” said the coach. We must continue to analyze, and have precise benchmarks to know what triggers or not this tension. “

It will give a good match »

Declines in diets that could be costly for French women. Especially against Denmark, the first opponent of the main round, who should also be the most seasoned. On paper, the Blues have a higher level of play. Accustomed to meet them, they dominated them at Euro 2016 for the bronze medal or two weeks ago in the preparation match. “Both teams know each other's game, no one has hidden on friendlies, explains Amandine Leynaud. It's a very good team, with very big girls, very good players. It will give a good match. “

The physical freshness will be a determining factor. Les Bleues have the disadvantage of traveling today (Wednesday) from Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle) to Nantes (Loire-Atlantique). Fortunately, everything has been thought of and the trip is done in the best conditions for an optimal recovery with a direct flight. “The sequence is very complicated, with the trip and the match the next day, deplores Olivier Krumbholz. We will have to mobilize all the forces and have all the rage necessary to win. It would be a shame to get in trouble because we are a little tired. It will play a lot in the heads. “


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