Sport Handballs trigger the Italian fan

Handballs trigger the Italian fan

The web and especially social media stormed after the episodes of the Allianz Stadium.

Juventus suffer a lot against Atalanta, but in the end he manages to tear the tie after going behind two times. Decisive i two penalties by Cristiano Ronaldo , who also approaches Ciro Immobile in the scorer ranking.

Maurizio Sarri spoke to DAZN in the post-match of the Allianz Stadium analyzing the match. We have faced one of the best form teams in Europe, they are games of enormous difficulty. We made the mistake of wanting the ball on, it’s always a risk. We scored on a lost ball. In the first half they were even more brilliant, in the second half we deserved the result. At some point I thought of winning it. It was a difficult game for the attackers, Dybala likes to come and take the ball and turn around, in fact in the end we tried with Higuain to be able to open spaces ”. The technician also counted the points as for the championship , even if he doesn’t consider the fundamental 2-2 in the path.

The Juventus coach glissed on the penalties assigned by the referee Giacomelli: he recognized the extremes of the penalty during episodes that involved De Roon and Muriel, considered guilty of handballs. On social networks, however, they were the theme of the post game. And even during the night the debate remained heated, with comparisons with more or less similar situations in which eleven meters had not been chosen.

Many chose the path of irony, a bit like Atalanta coach Gian Piero Gasperini did, immediately after the triple whistle, referring to the penalty kick awarded for the foul by De Roon. “Very clear, great rigor, important – he said -. The regulation is this. In Italy, above all. What should we do to a footballer, cut his arms? The arms behind the back are put to the children to make them learn to dribble … No, there is no need to change the way you defend. Is there an equal interpretation in some other world championship? No. If it is not so elsewhere, why do we invent these interpretations … “.

OMNISPORT | 12-07-2020 07:22

Handballs trigger the Italian fan Fonte: Getty Images



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