Handicap: quadriplegic patients control a tablet with thought – 20 minutes


Patients can control a tablet thinking – Brown Office of University Communications

The goal was to enable patients with paralysis to access electronic devices. The researchers allowed three tetraplegic patients to control a tablet thinking through microelectrodes implanted in their brains, according to a study published in
Last month, the PlosOne magazine was identified by FranceInfo.

Two of the three patients, right-handed and with Charcot's disease, can not perform certain movements of the right hand. Micro-electrodes were then placed in the cerebral cortex, in the region of the brain that controls the movements of the right hand.

A new device

In the third patient, who suffers from tetraplegia due to injury to the cervical spinal cord, the electrodes were implanted in the motor cortex of the hand but also in the right arm.

For all patients, the process is the same. When they look at the tablet, they think about where they want to position the cursor and click. Brain activity is recorded by the electrodes that send a signal via Bluetooth to the tablet.

During the three-day experiment, patients were able to write letters, use weather applications or music broadcast programs, explains FranceInfo. This device for commercial use was used for the first time as part of such a study, says the radio.


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