Hangar collapses: USD 3 million damage to aircraft destroyed

Luque: Dinac Civil Aviation Director Douglas Cubilla pointed out that losses to damaged aircraft caused by the storm in a collapsed hangar would amount to millions of dollars.

“At least it would be at least $ 3 million,” Cubilla said when assessing the destruction and damage caused by the storm last Saturday.

The officer said he did not know if the hangar was insured against the nature of the incident.

“Everyone puts their aircraft under a roof for protection. Analysis begins here. Experts need to investigate to determine what happened. If the hangar is not insured, which I doubt, someone will have to pay for it because the damage is worth millions of dollars, ”added the director of Dinac.

“The hangar collapsed and damaged about 20 planes. Some will be totaled, others will fly again. There is the remote possibility that there is no insurance, but that would be very negligent, ”Cubilla concluded.

Weekly / ADN Paraguayo

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