“Hani Abu Rida is the one who manages the Jabaliya and chooses the coaches of the national teams.. We can’t sacrifice our children for the sake of the arrow.”

Sharjah – Omaima Yasser –

Rabie Yassin, the former coach of the youth team, launched a violent attack on the Egyptian Football Association, pointing out that he did not get anything despite everything he gave to the youth team.

Yassin said, in an interview on the “On My Responsibility” program, presented by the media, Ahmed Musa, and broadcast on the “Echo of the Country” channel on Tuesday evening: “The issue in the Football Association is not efficiency, but passion, I brought the African Cup from Nigeria and Ghana, but justice did not happen like that.” Hassan Shehata and others got it, I didn’t get anything.”

The former Al-Ahly star added: “I formed a wonderful team in the youth team and achieved great victories, coaching players who became big names in Egyptian stadiums.”

Yassin denounced the way coaches were chosen for the national teams, stressing that “it is not done efficiently, and Hani Abu Raida does everything in Egyptian football.”

The former coach of the youth team explained that Abu Raida “is the one who chooses the coaches of the team,” according to him, stressing the need to choose a new president for the Football Association at the request of the General Assembly.

He continued, “Hani Abu Raida wanted Shawki Gharib to be the coach of the first team, and Hamada Al-Masry said that Hossam Al-Badri is coaching the Olympic team, but where is Rabie Yassin, who won the African Championship? This is well-known.”

And Rabie Yassin continued: “Hani Abu Rida is the one who does everything, and he is the most powerful football man in Egypt, and he is the one who runs the Football Association, and there is confusion that Abu Rida enters for us to work with us and insist on it.”

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Yassin stressed that the generations need a great job, adding: “I worked hard with players such as Saleh Jumaa, Kahraba, Rami Rabia and others, and with this effort I spend a lot on my health and the value of the salary I was getting at the time was very little, but I was not talking because this is a matter My country and I have the honor to work for the interest of my country.”

He said: “I never talked about financial matters, and my goal was to serve my country, and we should not sacrifice our children in the African Championship in Tunisia because of insults. There was no justice, and the Football Association throughout its life is an air, and all of Egypt knows that.”

Yassin pointed out that he coached the youth team in the most difficult circumstances, and won the African Cup with him in the 2013 edition that was held in Algeria.

He explained that the team played 12 official matches under his leadership, winning 10 matches and receiving two defeats, and beat Britain by a clean double.

On the reason for his dismissal from coaching the national team, Rabie Yassin explained that “he was not at the liking of the Football Association,” stressing that he won the African Cup at the expense of Nigeria and Ghana, in the version that was held in Algeria.

And Rabie Yassin concluded, that he was raising players on patriotism and all national anthems before technical matters, in order to develop the spirit of patriotism in them.

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