Hani Muhanna reveals a secret about a memory .. “She was admitted to a clinic in Egypt.”

19 years after her murder by her husband, Egyptian musician Hani Muhanna, who was adopted, revealed The late Tunisian artist is a memoryArtistically, he presented it to the Egyptian and Arab public, secrets about her life


He said in a press interview on the occasion of the anniversary of her death, “I cooperated with Zikra since her arrival to Egypt, and helped her work before she came to Egypt, and when she came, she decided to enter a nutrition clinic in order to increase her weight, as her weight was approximately fifty kilograms, and her size is 36, so She should have gained weight.”

He also made it clear that he was the first to attend her first concert in Egypt, and it was at the Radio and Television Festival in 1994, and she won the best voice award from him, while he won the best melody award, according to what was reported by Cairo 24.

Hani Muhanna

“and you have my life”

He also indicated that Zikra was not satisfied with her famous song “My Life With You”, indicating that he insisted on sharing the song in the album. And he said: “I used to choose songs for her until she left me and worked with someone else, and in an album and my life with you I produced it for her in 1995, and I was not satisfied with the song and my life with you and I did not like it or like the author, but I insisted on it, and I finished it on my own and took them out of the studio and completed it and removed the soles and modified it. A need, and when it came down, it achieved a completely unexpected success.”

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He continued, saying: “I was not satisfied with her marriage to Ayman Al-Suwaidi, but God’s destiny and what he wanted did, and I advised her with many advice, but she was normal and regarding work and her personal life.”

The late artist Zikra and her husband, Ayman Al-Suwaidi - archive

The late artist Zikra and her husband, Ayman Al-Suwaidi – archive

He killed her and then committed suicide

It is noteworthy that the Tunisian memory was killed on November 28, 2003, at the hands of her Egyptian husband, Ayman Al-Suwaidi, who committed suicide by shooting him in the mouth in a mysterious incident that preoccupied Arab public opinion for years.

She was born on September 16, 1966, and began her artistic career in 1980, but she shone as an Arab in Egypt after she decided to go to Cairo, where she met musician Hani Muhanna, who admired her voice and adopted her artistically, and decided to produce her first album in Egypt, entitled “My Life With You.” In 1995, then the album “I Stay Up With Your Biography” in 1996.

In 1997, she released the album “Al-Asami”, then in 2000 she released the album “Yana”, while her last album was “Youm Like You and You Have a Day”, and she released it in the Egyptian dialect in 2003. Ironically, the album was released in the markets only three days before her departure.

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