Hani Shaker Star of the night concert at the Arab Music Festival

The Egyptian Opera Theater will resume the activities of the 27th Arab Music Festival and Conference, where on Thursday there will be five concerts in Cairo, Alexandria and Damanhour, in the foreground the concert by Hani Shaker accompanied by Cairo Opera by Maestro Ibrahim Al -Moghi. , In addition to the most famous works of those emotional and national: "And you are in Egypt, every night, if you love, Lassa ask, love, forget about you difficult to secure, promise me, after your love, like his heart, moon, come, mistake, after love, Iarik Maaya, Ali Aldhkaya ".

It is preceded by a break from the singer Reham Abdulhakim and the Saudi singer Rami Abdullah, as well as a musical break from the cellist Imad Ashour.

On the stage of the Arab Music Institute, singer Said Osman presents a concert accompanied by his band "Candles", while the artist Ashraf Sidqi presents a concert on the theater of the Republic accompanied by his band "Art Street".

The events will take place at the Sidi Darwish Theater at the Opera House, where the artist Mohamed El Helou will perform in a concert accompanied by the Orchestra of the Alexandria Opera for music and singing. Arabs led by Master Abdel Hamid Abdel Ghaffar, preceded by a break for the stars Kareem Zidane, Marwa Hamdi, Mohamed Metwally and Sherouk Sharif.

On the stage of the Damanhour Opera Theater, Iman Al-Bahr Darwish presents a concert accompanied by the Era National Music Ensemble directed by Master Hazem Al-Qusbaji, which presents a selection of his most famous operas during the musical season , as well as a selection of Renaissance and musical renaissance music in Egypt and the Arab world. His grandfather Sheikh Sayed Darwish is preceded by a musical break for opera stars Amira Said, Mai Hassan, Ahmed Said and Ghada Adam.

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