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Hannelore Elsner could apparently retrieve the drama of her life effortlessly. Above all, she was a gorgeous actress. Memories of a special Munich figure.

Just over a year ago, Hannelore Elsner excelled at the Munich Film Festival; she had the gift of enthralling the audience with that special smile and gaze that could mean anything. In “Der große Rudolph” she played the mother of the Munich original, the larger-than-life dazzling Else Moshammer, a driving and driving force in the store on Maximilianstrasse. The role of a “lion mother”, who wants to give everything for her aspiring son, but eventually loses control of the permanent staging was written on her body. “Beautiful” looks like the new saleswoman, her son Rudolph has just started, says Elsner in the film. “Beautiful and not ordinary. Her voice is getting quieter, until she freezes in sarcasm.

Anyone who had ever had anything to do with this actress knew the disturbing moments: An hour ago, Hannelore Elsner had decided on the phone, not to say harshly, that she could under no circumstances give the already agreed interview because she was too busy But then, in order to get into a conversation, increasingly enthusiastic about her own stories. The drama of her life, which she was able to retrieve seemingly effortlessly at any time, used her most artistically for her greatest roles, especially in the films of Doris Dörrie (“Cherry Blossoms – Hanami”), Oliver Hirschbiegel (“My Last Movie”), Dani Levy (“Alles auf Zucker”) or Oskar Roehler (“The Untouchables”). And of course she liked to talk about her later successes, she had experienced a lot as an actress.

To the death of Hannelore Elsner

The great adventurer

After the preliminary talk to the interview, which was not allowed to take place, they met at the Hotel Atlantic in Hamburg and made a three-hour trip to the Alster and later a trip to the hotel bar, where the time feeling of the reporter as well as the wallet with the plane ticket to Munich was lost at some point – a classic Elsner encounter, exhausting and energizing at the same time, emotional and entertaining. And that's exactly how she described her own life: “It was exhausting, and then the different lovers!” Madness, sky high and sad to death! “

The sentence comes from the Alster interview from 2015, where she had asked the best questions, because she was curious, too, very curious. And, of course, after the appointment in Hamburg there was another long telephone conversation, in which she categorically forbade to ever release the interview, only to re-dictate the typewritten manuscript one word at a time, in one for her right way. Two days later, when the interview was published in the SZ, we got a personal thank you message via SMS. She did not need a smiley to make others smile.

Hannelore Elsner also had a girlish lightness at the age of 70. She could turn everyone's head for the duration of an encounter: friends, colleagues, directors, producers, spectators. When she was not in the mood for a staged tantrum or made her dark side glisten, which you had to deal with if you wanted to use the power source Elsner.

Hannelore Elsner at the German Film Ball in Munich, 2014

Hannelore Elsner always sat with the most important people at the Munich film ball, often danced on the table.

(Photo: Robert Haas)

As a Munich reporter you have, of course, the German film ball in the Bavarian court in mind. Hannelore Elsner, always at the most important table, where she used to hold with her partner Bernd Eichinger Hof and later with changing film greats: None was so intoxicating over a glass of champagne that she sometimes drank from her lady's shoe, without it seemed embarrassing; No one could dance as wildly and freely on the table as she did. The sadness that existed in her life was gone, the Elsner ripped them all, even the much younger ones.

On the set

She wore the most famous coat of German film history, a white designer piece by Dior with black flowers on it. That was in 2000, in perhaps her best movie “The Untouchables”. Eighteen years later, on a hot August day in Schwabing, she has another special coat on: Hannelore Elsner sits in her caravan and prepares for the next scene, together with Jutta Speidel and Uschi Glas she shoots the TV movie “Club der einsamen Herzen “(ARD, June 8, 2019). The actress wears a pink bathrobe during filming breaks, and even a piece of clothing looks glamorous on her. The famous Dior coat is now hanging in the German Cinematheque in Berlin, says Elsner, who also talks a bit about her past on this day. “Do you know 'The Endless Night' by Will Tremper?” This is my best movie, “she says, while her son Dominik, who is involved in the filming, nods and hands the MP3 player to the visitor, and Elsner sings a song written especially for the film:” You're living a second time. ” grü

At her last premiere of Doris Dörrie's film “Cherry Blossoms & Demons” at the end of February in the Arri Cinema, she was unaware that she looked upbeat. She simply let herself fall into the arms of her director, quite easily, although the illness must have already taken possession of her. She just kept playing, in her brave way. Until the end.

Cinema Full of life energy and elegance

To the death of Hannelore Elsner

Full of life energy and elegance

Hannelore Elsner shaped German cinema and television for decades and crowned her career with a brilliant late work.Obituary by Tobias Kniebe

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