Hans-Georg Maaßen: Criticism of the asylum policy of the CDU

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"I have not joined the CDU so that there are no limits to the asylum policy"

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Hans-Georg Maaßen settles on CDU

The former president of constitutional protection Hans-Georg Maaßen joins the conservative union of values ​​and criticizes the CDU for their current course. In a guest article in the magazine "Focus" he talks about values ​​that are not "arbitrary".

With clear words Hans-Georg Maaßen criticizes the course of the CDU.

  • "Values ​​are not arbitrary," Maaßen wrote in an article for guests in the "Focus".
  • Only for reasons of power, the CDU should not give up important values, but they did so in the past.

CGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel is no longer the president of DU. In a guest article in the magazine "Focus" he criticized the former president of Federal Constitutional Protection, Hans Georg Maasen, the Merkel course of the still acute Union. In his view, the CDU, which belongs to Maasen himself, has renounced important values ​​for the maintenance of power. This is also the reason why he joined the Union of Conservative Values ​​in February.

"Values ​​are not arbitrary", writes Maaßen – and the CDU should not be a chancellor's electoral club. He did not join the party in 1987, "so that millions of asylum seekers come to Germany and there is an asylum policy without maximum limits," he criticized 56-year-old Merkel's positions in refugee policy.

But even with other revolutionary political decisions during Merkel's chancellery, the former constitutionalist can not apparently make friends: in the text, he also criticized the elimination of nuclear power, the suspension of military service, the minimum wage and gender policy.

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Members of the Union of Values ​​(from left to right): Ralf Höcker, Simone Baum, stv. Presidents, Hans-Georg Maaßen, Sylvia Pantel and President Alexander Mitsch

The values ​​on which he became a member of the party are not "conservative or right values, but the values ​​of the CDU". However, many of them have recently fallen by the wayside – as a price to keep their power.

However, Maaßen does not want to pay that price. He wants to remind the CDU with ValuesUnion "that it should not be the party's goal that the party should be part of the federal government at all costs, but that a policy is designed in the interest of its members and supporters".

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Paul Ziemiak is the general secretary of the CDU. Born in 1985 in Stettin, in 1988 the family moved to Germany



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