Hans Zender, Lisa Ekdahl, The Last Detail ...

To listen to this week: a revisited "winter trip", pop with a jazzy touch, a duet of romantic goldsmiths …

  • Domenico Scarlatti

    Jean Rondeau (harpsichord)

With a handful of fifteen of the 555 harpsichord sonatas composed by Domenico Scarlatti, Jean Rondeau's harpsichord builds a real world tour. An adventure as adventurous as adventure, populated with treasures of which it seems to remember the marvelous origin. Delirious technique, expressive virtuosity, picaresque pageantry, artificial mane interpreter, reveals a imagination as much inspired as it is prodigious. It is because Rondeau has a taste for risk, and his harpsichord does not reject anything, spurred by the alchemist of the soul, eager to experiment, between tenderness and desire, passion and demiurgy. Marie-Aude Roux

1 CD Erato / Warner Classics.

  • Hans Zender
    Schuberts Winterreise

    Julian Prégardien (tenor), Deutsche Radio Philharmonie, Robert Reimer (director)

German born in 1936, Hans Zender is best known as conductor of the orchestra. His production of a composer deserves detour, especially when he operates, as here, the embezzlement of the sacrilege of a reference work. From the famous Winterreise from Schubert (Winter travel, cycle of 24 Lieder), Zender preserves only the melodic and sometimes harmonic structure. The voice slips from time to time from the sung to the spoken word, the piano gives way to a small orchestra from which emerge accordion, harmonica or soprano sax, instruments that Schubert could not have in mind. Yet this " compound interpretation », according to the subtitle given by Zender, it really allows access to the spirit of the romantic creator and to perceive his work as the echoing dominant of a moral wandering. Less nuanced than the reference signed by Ensemble Modern (in 1994, for the RCA label), this new version is particularly worthy of the hallucinatory presence of the soloist, Julian Prégardien. Pierre Gervasoni

1 Alpha Classics / Outhere CD.

  • Lisa Ekdahl
    More than good

The Swedish Lisa Ekdahl, a caressing voice, with a breath of fresh air, with a touch of childishness, although it had become known in the late '90s, from her native land, through jazz, had done his debut, in 1994, addressing the pop register. Which in the end is what suits him best, with this little touch that can be called "jazzy". His new album, More than good, it is at this level, its greatest success so far. With discreet arrangements, which are based on a fluid rhythm, beautiful guitars, droplets of keyboards, which give beautiful colors to the whole, the recourse more often to the slow rhythm of the ballad. In this set, once again attractive, we will especially remember the opening songs Let's go to sleep, my heart's playful, the fluctuation of Thorn in my heart, with a spooky clarinet, Sweet feeling of freedom is In Dreams, in fact, precious musical dreams announced by the title. Sylvain Siclier

1 CD Okeh / Sony Music.

  • The last detail
    The last detail

Singer, composer and arranger, Mehdi Zannad holds an atypical place in the hexagonal pop landscape. This trained architect has an obsession with the pop of the 60s, under the aegis of celestial Beach Boys harmonies and aristocratic orchestrations Burt Bacharach. A talented hobby digested by his Anglophile debut under the Fugu identity in 2001, then ten years later with the French version Fugue. The silversmith returns with The last detail, a collaboration with New Yorker Erin Moran aka A Girl Called Eddy, singer-songwriter just like bite of licking melodies. Of these thirteen titles with the ordered production, enriched by the strings of the Balkan orchestra of Skopje, the duo with the neo-romantic spirit shares the song in the same way. Both in sun pop mode with the irresistible Fun fair is Trust your friend, or synthetic with Speak with me, The Last Detail excels in the art of fresh and radiant refrain as an 'April dawn'. A pure pleasure. Franck Colombani

1 CD Elefant Records / Differ-ant.

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