Happy Saint Cecilia’s day! 11 songs with which to congratulate musicians on their patron saint’s day | Music

Happy Saint Cecilia’s day! Especially if you are a musician. As each November 22th and coinciding with the anniversary of the death of Cecilia de Roma, this Sunday Santa Cecilia is celebrated, a festivity destined to honor all those who make others happy with their music.

Every year for Los40 this celebration is very special, but this 2020 marked by the coronavirus pandemic and a generalized stoppage in the industry that has greatly complicated the situation of the members of the sector, the radio of successes has wanted pay tribute to all musicians Y thank you especially for not throwing in the towel and keep playing. Thanks for making us happy!

Also, in case you are a musician or not, you want to send him a special congratulations to an artist On the day of Santa Cecilia, we have prepared a set of songs that can help you to convey that love and passion that you feel for music or how those who play it make you feel. It is this:

1. The music is not playedby Alejandro Sanz

We couldn’t start any other way. The recently awarded the Latin Grammy for ‘Best Recording’ for With you, is the author of The music is not touched, an authentic song to the importance of this art in society and its ability to last through time and cope with any adversity.

2. My people, by J Balvin

The second singer on this list also won a Latin Grammy Award this week. The one of ‘Best Urban Music Album’ for his work Colors. However, the song we bring today is from a previous work. It is about ‘My people’, a song dedicated to all those who love music and especially those who love to dance in which J Balvin calls for non-discrimination. Music unites us all.

3. Music to my eyes, by Lady Gaga

The third song that we propose takes a 180º turn from the previous one. Is about Music to my eyes from Lady Gaga, a much more melodic theme that is part of the film ‘A star has been born’ and that it is a declaration of love both for another and for the music itself.

4. Music of the mind, by Jamiroquai

Another song capable of making you enjoy at any time is that of Jamiroquai. With ‘Music the mind’ The British group of funk and acid jazz is an instrumental worthy of appearing on this list.

5. My life is the music, from Sidonie

Another of the Spanish groups that you can use to congratulate Santa Cecilia is Sidonie. With My life is the music without a doubt the Barcelona band makes it clear that music has always been his thing and that his love for her is indestructible.

6. I love Rock N’Roll, de Britney Spears

A pop diva who loves Rock and Roll. With the version of the theme originally recorded by The Arrows from Britney Spears, I Love Rock N’Roll, explanations abound. She loves Rock’N Roll and music and we love her.

7. It’s only rock and roll, de The Rolling Stones

Leaving Britney behind, if anyone has authority to talk about rock and roll they are The Rolling Stones. With this song, which you can dedicate to your colleagues in the guild, they make it clear: it’s just rock and roll but they like it. And they like tango!

8. Thank you for the music, de Abba

If there is a great ode to music, it is Abba’s with Thank You for the music. In it the Swedish fashion group in the ’70s gives voice to the protagonist of the musical The girl with the Golden hair, who through this song gives thanks to life for the musical gift with which it has been endowed and for all the benefits that it has brought.

9. I hear music, by M Clan

Another option to send a greeting for Santa Cecilia is I hear music, from M Clan. The Spanish group sends a clear message: music is essential to keep going and they look for it everywhere. May they always find it!

10. Contemporary music, La Bien querida

You like The good dear? You can send a greeting for Santa Cecilia with Contemporary Music, a song with a catchy chorus that we love and that is synonymous with an invitation to dance. Of course, now, keeping the distances!

11. That which you give me, by Pau Donés

Although the song is aimed at her friends and fans, we didn’t want to stop putting her on this list. With That you give me Pau Donés made a song to joy and showed all his gratitude to those who have supported him throughout his career. Now, you can do the same with any friend who is dedicated to music, because what they give us is almost always much more than we ask for.

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