Hapsatou Sy returns to C8: shares its happiness with Internet users


Hapsatou Sy returned to the C8 on Friday evening for his debut in "Balance Your Post". A return to the air – and live – that is visibly full of joy.

Finally, Hapsatou Sy will not have been far from the C8. After his violent clash with Eric Zemmour and his biggest fight with Thierry Ardisson, we have long wondered about the future of the journalist on the C8. When Hapsatou Sy announced to leave The terrestrials of Sundayquickly the small hands of the chain have agreed with her to find a new box that he could like. Many netizens, journalist fans, hoped to see her arrive on the team Do not touch my positionwith Cyril Hanouna.

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In the end, they have not written so far from the truth since Hapsatou Sy joined the Cyril Hanouna team, but for another show. The editorialist has thus joined Balance your post, the new program led by the C8 host, broadcast every Friday evening. Unlike TPMP, Balance your post gives more space to debates, questioning journalists and guests on social issues. The show, which is still in its infancy, has already caused much controversy.

⋙ Hapsatou Sy: after his clash with Eric Zemmour, he leaves to rejuvenate in Senegal

However, Hapsatou Sy was not afraid to take up the challenge and so entered the show on Friday 9 November. On the agenda of the debates: the increase in fuel prices or the legalization of cannabis (a sequence was also controversial). During the broadcast, Hapsatou Sy had the opportunity to intervene several times and to exchange with the guests. And of course, this one has much more, as he said on Saturday on his Twitter account. "My first was yesterday! Sometimes I changed my mind about the stakeholders and their concrete testimonies. The team is at the top ! Important discussions, moments as strong as the 13/11 plateau! And she ? What did you think? " she wrote To read the answers, many people like Hapsatou Sy are happy to be back on the air.


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