Hariri returns to his “media horse” .. the reopening of Al-Mustaqbal TV and newspaper!

With many questions about the date of Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s return to Lebanon and the launch of the “Future Movement” electoral machine, and after former MP Walid Jumblatt appealed to him to return, a member of the Future Bloc, MP Bakr al-Hujairi, revealed in an interview with the electronic newspaper “al-Anbaa” that Hariri really wants to One of the historical forces allied with it invites him to return to Lebanon to carry out a joint action in the elections, especially since there is an old alliance that brings together Walid Bey with the House of Hariri from the days of the martyr Rafik Hariri, passing through Sheikh Saad, for there is an old alliance to which the earth, the sky, and geography apply.

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He also revealed that Hariri is in the process of reopening Future TV and the Future Newspaper to keep pace with his political career, because he does not have a media outlet from which to look. narrower.

He said, “We are not only in Hell, but in the very bottom of Hell that we were promised.”

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